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Year-book '84. Scientist, data analyst and illustrator. I design all sorts of beautiful things, from book covers to infographics. I love experimenting and exploring ignored paths. My long-lasting adventure with science often pushes me into the marvels of information and educational design.
  • Graphic Designer
    Jagiellonian University — Krakow, Poland
  • Graphic Designer
    AT Group — Krakow, Poland
  • Associate Graphic Designer
    Orange IMAX — Krakow, Poland
  • Associate Graphic Designer
    CelebrateIt! — Krakow, Poland
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I'm somehow reluctant to dive into the abyss of web-design - and so far I managed to stick to the world of printed design. I love simple, ascetic forms, but at times I love exploring the baroque dark areas of overcomplicated ideas.
I've worked for several University-related companies and associations, building identification and advertising solutions for them. Currently I cooperate with the AT Press publisher. I've also took care of one student journal - and at the moment I'm working as a designer for another, bigger one.
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