Sveinbjörn Pálsson

Reykjavik, Iceland
I like working in varied fields of Graphic Design. I excel in situations where my experience as a teacher, and the eye for detail trained in type design are useful.

I've worked in Graphic design now for a decade and a half. I started out freelancing small gig posters and the like as a teenager, and after a few interesting turns (tombstone-typographer, Reykjavik Youth House In-house designer and a stint at a disreputable firm making hamburger joint ads and business cards for Herbalife salesmen) I started my first steady job in Advertising at the tender age of 20. My focus has shifted through the years, soon after starting out professionally I started specializing in website design, later I moved back to print design, I spent a year doing magazine layout and Art Direction, a couple of years where I spent the majority of my time on photocomposition, then a bit where I was mostly making precocious music-related designs (and being broke). Lately my work has mostly entailed Lead design on print campaigns, that is reshaping the print brands of established companies, with a sideline in typeface design. My experience has shown that I'm extremely agile, I can shift seemingly effortlessly between disciplines. I'm dedicated and very passionate about my work, and I can afford to be, as I'm able to turn out work that exceeds clients expectations in many fields.

Work Experience

Iceland Academy Of The Arts

Teacher of Typeface Design

I teach a yearly Typeface Design course for 2nd year Graphic Design BA students, alongside Anton Kaldal, with lectures from Gunnar Vilhjálmsson, Guðmundur Úlfarsson, Sigðurður Ármansson and others.
August 2010 - Present Reykjavik, Iceland

Jónsson & Le'macks

Designer, Senior Designer, Art Director

I was the first employee, I'd been freelancing with the founders before the birth of the company. Key employee, I took part in over 50 award winning designs and campaigns, creating and co-creating many of Iceland's most durable brands and campaigns.
March 2002 - May 2013 Iceland

The Reykjavík Grapevine

Art Director

Designed the covers and main stories of this English-language Reykjavik newsprint magazine, with spare time spent on overhauling the templates for the smaller sections.
May 2011 - September 2011 Reykjavik, Iceland


Typeface Designer

Designed the interface typeface for EVE Online, many variants, cyrillic letters and more. Alongside this project I did a bit of in-house graphic design for them.
October 2009 - July 2011 Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland Airwaves

Art Director

Created and maintained the brand look and feel, still currently in use.
2003 - 2010 Iceland

VAMM Magazine

Art Director, Editor

Designed, art directed and later edited this monthly Reykjavík lifestyle magazine, distributed for free to everyone from 18-35 in Iceland.
July 2004 - May 2005 Reykjavik, Iceland


Junior Art Director / interface design & branding

Web design and brands, working with the great Haraldur Thorleifsson of and others.
January 2001 - May 2002 Reykjavik, Iceland


Interface designer

My first real job in design, mostly working on web design.
January 2000 - December 2000 Reykjavik, Iceland


Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti

pre-degree in Art and Reporting

Studied Media/Reporting and Art at FB Junior College. Dropped out at 19 to work as a Graphic Designer.
August 1995 - December 1999 Iceland

Iceland Academy Of The Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design

Took a two year leave in the middle of my studies to figure some things out and find a more serious approach.
August 2002 - May 2008 Reykjavik, Iceland

KABK - The Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Netherlands

Degree in Type Design - Type & Media

A masters degree in Type Design, unfinished at the time for temporary health reasons.
August 2011 - July 2012 The Hague, Netherlands


Icelandic (Native),
English (Native),
Swedish (Advanced),
Norwegian (Conversational),
Danish (Conversational),
Dutch (Beginner),
German (Beginner),
French (Beginner),



FÍT - Special prize album covers


EPICA European Advertising Awards

Epica Gold Award


EPICA European Advertising Awards

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Icelandic Advertising Awards

Icelandic Advertising Awards


Icelandic Advertising Awards

Icelandic Advertising Awards


Icelandic Advertising Awards

Icelandic Advertising Awards


Icelandic Advertising Awards

Icelandic Advertising Awards


Icelandic Advertising Awards

Icelandic Advertising Awards



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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Advertising Design, Branding, Calligraphy , Illustration, Interface Design, Logo Design, Photo Manipulation, Teaching, Type Design, Typography, Web Design,

Exhibitions and Press

Mota Italic Group Exhibition
Berlin, 2012

Typoweek Group Exhibition
Barcelona, 2013

Rock Poster Artists Interviews: Sveinbjörn Pálsson
Crewkoos, 2011

Icelandic press clippings available upon request