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Stephanie King

I have degrees in Graphic Design and Industrial Design and an interest in Psychology, providing me with a diverse skill set and a solid understanding of user experience. I am interested in pursuing visual design projects of any type (print, packaging, illustration, branding, exhibit, product interface etc.) : preferably for the technology, science, health, and education sectors. Academic and conceptual projects welcome.
Professional Graphic & Industrial Designer
As a freelance designer, I have worked independently for individuals, businesses, organizations, and through other design firms. Due to my diverse skill-set, I have had the opportunity to work in various areas of the design industry, and with each new project, I am actively expanding my reach and expertise.

Client work included:
+ desktop & mobile web ( visual design, user experience, information arch. )
+ logos, brandings, cards, brochures, and other print marketing materials
+ product packaging concepts
+ page layouts for editorial and multi-page documents
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Mar 2010Aug 2010
Informatics Studio
Graphic Design Intern
Informatics Studio is a web design firm serving non profit and government organizations, with a heavy emphasis on information architecture, functional and simple typography, and content management systems.

Worked independently under art direction on various size projects. Solely responsible for smaller visual print projects, in most cases corresponding directly with the client.

Types of projects included:
+ visual designs : web, interactive elements, and flash presentations
+ web information architecture, wireframing, functionality prototyping
+ print and branding : logos, brochures, posters, cd packaging
+ research and content planning
Jan 2009Jul 2009
Brand New Marketing & Design
Contract Graphic Designer
Comprehensive branding for a corporate startup :
+ solely responsible for design and implementation of business cards, stationary, pocket folder, brochure, product information sheets, corporate identity manual. Each was taken from concept to press.
+ solely responsible for the visual design of an e-commerce website, implemented by an external web development vendor.

Packaging & presentation renderings for a new toy line ( confidential ) :
+ package graphics for 3 brand looks : green, co-branded, original
+ package renderings & retail display “plan-o-gram” for presentation
+ assisted with presentation graphics for proposal to a global distributor
+ assisted with pre-production press-ready die-line mechanicals
Jun 2008Aug 2008
Brand New Marketing & Design
Graphic Design Intern
Given fairly heavy responsibility, creative freedom. Notable projects included:
+ uniform concepts, posters, banner for Haifa Heat basketball team
+ comprehensive branding for a new “in-house” product : name, identity,
website, packaging, brochure, press kit, trade show materials
Rochester, NY, USA
Sep 2004May 2009
BFA in Industrial Design
My Bachelors degree in Industrial Design included both traditional consumer product design (usability prototyping, material and form aesthetics, manufacturing, etc); as well as new directions for the industry, such as multidisciplinary innovation, design thinking for systems & service design, and conceptualization of future consumer experiences.
Rochester, NY, USA
Sep 2006May 2009
AAS in Graphic Design
Supplementing my BFA with an Associates in Graphic Design gave me a unique perspective and a well-rounded approach to my work. I was formally trained in graphic aesthetics, minimalist typography, gestalt theory, and conceptual illustration. I also chose to pursue advanced courses involving: complex data visualization, exhibit & signage systems, and interface design.
Independent Learning
Psychology ‘10 - ‘12 ( part time )

After completing my formal education at RIT, I have continued my academic training through free online audio & video courses posted by professors from various top universities. Most often, these recordings are of full-semester live courses in university classrooms. I am currently focusing on Psychology and its relationship to design and creativity.

Areas of interest:
+ Visual Perception, Gestalt, Attention
+ Memory and Learning
+ Visual Aesthetic Preference
+ Creativity, Dreaming
CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Indesign, Mac OS X, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Various 3d Modeling Applications, Windows 7, XHTML