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Madhusudan yeluguri

Senior Compositor

San Francisco, CA, USA
I enjoy creating spectacular visual effects and photography work and finding ways to make stunning pieces of work in using Computer and DSLR Cameras. I specialized Visual effects in Composting while also maintaining a broad range of generalist skills in my arsenal, having quite a strong technical background as well as an understanding of the creative and artistic side of things. I have always been a self-motivated independent learner, and problem solving has always been a strong suit of mine. Elements within nature such as the algorithmic beauty of 1-systems, chaotic storms and fires, and similar phenomena fascinate me. I am a team player and enjoy working with other like minded individuals in the hopes of making inspiring work within the CG realm. I hope to attain enough experience to become a visual effects supervisor, creating awesome-inspiring and complex visual effects,continuing to work with other talented people.
Work Experience
San Francisco, CA, USA
Apr 2013Present
I am responsible for Live action and CG composting, making Clean Plates, RotoPaint, color correction, march grain , using tools in Photo shop and after effects.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Dec 2012Apr 2013
Creative Director
goTengo commercials

I was responsible for giving creative ideas for video shoot and visual effects as well working on video shooting, Tittle animations, visual effects and video editing.
using tools in Maya, 3D studio Max , Sound Forge Pro, After effects , Nuke , Premiere Pro.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Jul 2012Aug 2012
Digital Compositor
Snack Pack Bake Shop commercial
I was responsible for composting process and roto paint artist in Nuke.
Hyderabad, India
Senior 3D Compositor
Disney Mickey Mouse Club House and Trigger and Pooh (Pilot)

I was responsible for character and environment composting and Environment lighting process and Particle effects and color correction make it Day into Night shots and roto paint using tools in Shake, Combustion and Maya.

Shrek Pilot (PDI)

I was responsible for Composting the fur for donkey character . collisions and inter-penetration have to be fixed for Fiona’s character in composting. Rotoscoping backgrounds trees make it behind the characters and color correction using composting tool in Digital Fusion.

TAK (Nickelodeon)

I was Responsible for composting shots as well as doing Light Rays, Smoke effects and Composted 5 Episodes using tools in Maya, Shake and Combustion.

The Sky land (Method Films)

I was responsible for Composted approximately 20 shaded layers for each character in shot with background layers and collisions and inter-penetration have to be fixed vector outline for the characters and roto paint for backgrounds and color correction some of shots Fire and smoke effects done in fluids using tools in Combustion and Maya.

The Barbie Diaries (Curious Pictures)

I was responsible for Composting Process collisions and inter-penetration have to be fixed hair and Cloth with the characters and fix background layers complete 26 Episodes done color correction using composting tools in Digital Fusion and Combustion.

Hot Wheels (3d Animated Series)

I was responsible for composite Fire particles and smoke simulation for all scenes and roto paint for backgrounds and color correction glow effects for car using tools in Shake and Maya.

Les Gnoufs (Method Films)

I was responsible for collisions and inter-penetration have to be fixed hair and Cloth with the characters and fix background layers and color correction and composite Light Rays, Smoke/fire/ water effects using tool in shake.

Donkey Ollie (Car Angels)

I was responsible for collisions and inter-penetration have to be fixed hair and Cloth with the characters and fix background layers and color correction using tools in shake.
Mumbai, India
3D Compositor / Animator
Honk Toot & Swo Swoosh (Chocolate moose media )

I was responsible 3D Character Animator and Render pass in 3Ds MAX it's a Honk, Toot and
Swo-Swoosh, a Pre-school 3D animated television series, has been awarded two Telly Awards.
Hyderabad, India
Sana Yadireddy Digital studio
Film Compositor
I was responsible for actor Wire removals, Rotoscoping for crowd simulation color correction using After effects.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan 2008Present
Master of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree in Animation & Visual Effects.
Hyderabad, India
Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Photography & video graphic
Hyderabad, India
Osmania University
Bachelor of Arts
History and political
Mumbai, India
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
Certified Animation Specialist
Hyderabad, India
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
New Delhi, India
B. Ink studio.
FX1 Visual effect workshop
English (Advanced), Telugu (Native), Hindi (Fluent), Polish (Beginner)
Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier PRO, Autodesk Maya, Eyeon Fusion, Final Cut Pro, Marchmover, NukeX, Silhouette FX, Vue