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Game Designer

Jakarta, Indonesia
As a game designer, I am passionate about creating immersive and engaging gameplay experiences that capture the imaginations of players. With a strong background in game mechanics, level design, and user experience, I am dedicated to delivering fun and challenging gameplay that keeps players coming back for more. Whether working on a single-player adventure or a complex multiplayer game, I am committed to delivering high-quality games that exceed player expectations. My creativity, attention to detail, and collaborative approach make me a valuable addition to any game development team.

Work Experience

Game Designer

I design video game gameplay. My creativity and technical skills design the game's mechanics, rules, levels, characters, and story. I realize my concept with artists, programmers, and designers.

Game ideation is my first task. I then create the game mechanics, rules, and gameplay loop. I build characters, plots, and levels and landscapes for gaming.

I can handle the game's development on time and on budget in addition to its creative components. I help the development team fix bugs and make sure the game works.

I work with the team and incorporate input during development. I follow industry trends and new technology to make my games innovative and marketable.

Game design is tough and rewarding, requiring technical abilities, creativity, and a love of gaming. I build immersive, compelling games that keep players coming back.
January 2019 - Present Jakarta, Indonesia


Universitas Terbuka

Game Development

My courses include:
- Game Design Fundamentals: This course teaches game mechanics, level design, and user experience.

- Programming Fundamentals: This course teaches game developers variables, data structures, and algorithms.

- Game Engine Development: This course uses Unity or Unreal Engine to design and prototype games.

- Game Art and Animation: This course includes 2D and 3D character models, environments, and animations.

- Game Audio Design: This course teaches game sound effects, music, and voiceovers.

- Game Production: This course covers financing, scheduling, and marketing for game development and release.

- Game Testing and Quality Assurance: This course covers bug tracking, performance testing, and user experience testing.
July 2014 - April 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia


Adobe, Anim, Blender, Box2D, Eclipse, MAYA, Photoshop, Unity, Unity Physics, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio,