Kasper Sierslev

Creative Director

When Velux says “light up your career” to attract new talent, Maersk Oil says “let’s grow with the flow” to engage existing employees in their global moblity programme or Novo Nordisk claims that you can “change lifes for a living” I’m the guy who’s behind – alongside my talented colleagues, of cause.

Working within the field of corporate, internal and employer communication, I help corporations attract, engage and retain employees - and empower them to meet their strategic objectives.

I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark, so of most of the clients I’ve worked on are Danish. But I guess you still recognize brands like Danfoss, Microsoft, Mars and LEGO?

I have worked for:
LEGO, VELUX, DANFOSS, NOVO NORDISK, BG Bank, TV2 Zulu, BBC Prime, Toyota, Osborne Clarke, Jamo, Sundhedsstyrelsen (Unge og Alkohol, Motions kampagne samt Alkohol-kampagne uge 40), Fødevaredirektoratet, Lexus, Strix Television, Danmarks Radio, Miljøstyrelsen, Billed Bladet, Nordisk Film, Trust Soundtracks, Citroën, City2, Nissan, Post Danmark, Fosters Group, lån&spar bank, AO, MSD, Aller, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, MENU, Maersk Drilling and more

Work Experience


Creative Director

November 2009 - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo

Bergsøe 4

Creative Director

May 2006 - May 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark



October 2004 - copenhagen, Denmark


Co-owner - Creative Director

April 2013 - Present Copenhagen, Denmark


Creative director

HansenSierslev is a new communication agency. Despite being the new kids on the block, we have over 30 years of combined experience in both the advertisement industry and the communication industry. We could boast that we can do everything; however, we prefer to say that we are experts in bringing things down to earth. We strive to inform, engage and make complex messages easy to digest.

If you are trying to sell “2 for $20” or a new car, we’re probably not the company you are looking for. However, please contact us if you need to hire an engineer with a specialty in plastics, if you need to tell your coworkers why your company is now changing its course or if you need to convince doctors to try new treatments.

We are a flexible team who take a customized approach to each new task without unnecessary detours. This means that your money goes straight to solutions and you always have the best people working on your project. Every time.
April 2013 - Present Copenhagen, Denmark


Danish (Native),
English (Fluent),
Swedish (Conversational),
German (Conversational),
French (Beginner),


Corporate Communication, Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Employer Branding , Illustration, Typography Design,