Share Images Online

How to share Images with Clients

Framebird is designed to handle large quantities of high-resolution images without sacrificing the quality or the experience. When it comes to security, Framebird is second to none; your photos are protected with robust encryption and optional password protection, ensuring that your clients’ data, as well as your creative work, remain secure.

In addition, Framebird's platform allows you to employ watermarking and disable right-click saves, offering another layer of protection to prevent unauthorized use or distribution of your intellectual property. These features ensure that both you and your clients have peace of mind, knowing the images are shared securely.

While other services like Zenfolio and Workflow by Format offer impressive features, Framebird stands out as the best-in-class solution tailored for photographer-client interactions. Plus, with Framebird’s advanced analytics, you can gain insights into how clients interact with your work, allowing you to refine and improve your presentation for future projects.

The intuitive interface of Framebird is also designed with client proofing at the forefront, making the feedback process effortless and accurate. Clients can mark their favorite images, add notes, and effortlessly communicate their preferences without the back-and-forth misunderstanding that can occur when sharing with services like dropbox or google drive.