Hugo Serôdio

Senior Designer & Art Director

Lisbon, Portugal
Hi there! My name is Hugo Serodio. I'm a Portuguese Senior Designer & Art Director, born in Faro and currently based in Lisbon.

I took a BA in Communication Design at UALG (University of Algarve) in Faro, and a PostGraduation in Branding and Brand Management at IADE (Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing) in Lisbon.

With 14 years of experience in the creative industry, i've worked in the various creative fields of corporate identity, graphic and digital design, collaborating with clients and teams from various industries such as advertising, architecture, marketing, tech startups, food & beverage, travel & tourism, lifestyle, culture and others, in Europe and Africa. With a deep knowledge over the branding process (strategy and design) my work is about consistency and results, regardless of the medium.

If you would like to discuss a project, a potential freelance work or collaboration please get in touch.

Work Experience

Iona - Grupo Executive

Art Director

August 2014 - Present Lisbon, Portugal

White - WYgroup

Design Supervisor

WHITE_Brand Services is a full service design company, with multidisciplinary capabilities. Our client range and know-how come from many different sectors, with one thing in common: a clear thinking attitude.

I created design solutions for clients such as ANA Aeroportos, BP, Generg, José de Mello, Mota-Engil, PLMJ, REN, and many others. The developed work can be seen not only in Portugal, but also in Africa, Central Europe and Latin America.
February 2014 - August 2014 Lisbon, Portugal

Fyber (formerly Sponsorpay)

Senior Designer

SponsorPay is a value-exchange advertising platform providing high-quality brand engagement for advertisers and driving user acquisition as well as content monetization for publishers of mobile and social apps.


• Working in collaboration with Product Managers, Web Developers and Marketing in creating aesthetic, efficient, optimized and usable designs, mostly for BrandEngage®

• Designing and optimizing marketing materials including corporate identity, websites, product demos, presentations, handouts and merchandise

• Implementation of guidelines and good practices, including templates and guidelines

• Supporting Sales efforts including creating presentations and mockups of product integration

Some brands i worked for BrandEngage® product:

• Automobiles (Kia, Opel, Renault, Toyota)
• Entertainment (EA Games, Fox, GSN, Nintendo, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers)
• Food (McDonalds, Waitrose, Wonderful Pistachios)
• Mobile (Samsung, O2, T-Mobile, Huawei)
• Sports (Adidas, Nike, Puma)
• Travel (Turkish Airlines)
October 2012 - February 2014 Berlin, Germany


Brand Consultant & Entrepreneur

In Sao Tome and Principe i managed and developed some local brands associated mainly with tourism.

Highlighted Projects:


Tropicventure is a travel agency and a ground operator in Sao Tome & Principe, providing a range of unique experiences in places that are also unique like Sao Tome and Principe.


º Design of the new website
º Brand strategy with new positioning
º Optimization of social networks
º New merchandising and promotion


Biilong is a sort of tour operator arisen as a spontaneous result of a year of intensive experiences in São Tomé and Príncipe, assuming the responsibility of showing these two islands in the rawest way possible. From the people for the people, without any artefacts.

Together with Antonio Fernandes, we launched this specific niche brand. "Get Local" was the starting point for the developing and communication of this exciting brand, still providing the best experiences in this islands.


º Development of a new brand with few resources
º Creating a storytelling around the characters and rituals of the Islands
º From the people for the people, without any artifacts, contributing for the local economy
º Offer of new experiences to clients from different countries like Portugal, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Angola, among others


Turiart, Lda is established in São Tomé since 2000. With 30 workers and 2 different business areas, the company was growing fast and lost control of how they wanted to be perceived.
So, I was hired not only to make a rebrand but also to create a new business area and prepare the company for the future.
After one year of work, Turiart becomes an umbrella brand with three different business, Turiart Rental, Turiart Travel, Turiart Copinet.
With a distinct signature that sums it up the company experience and knowledge of this market "Knows Best" the brand not only became stronger, but also the team spirit across the group.


º Rebranding with effective brand awareness
º Consistent brand architecture (Monolithic) for different services areas but with the same global language
º Identifying and developing a new business area, optimizing resources and providing better services
º Implementation of a strong corporate culture among employees, increasing the understanding of values and mission of the Group
May 2011 - September 2012 Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe


Senior Designer / Art Director

YOU mix was an integrated agency specialized in advertising, marketing and e-marketing, with offices in Lisbon and Algarve, working with clients like Madeira Island Tourism, Algarve Tourism, Tiara Hotels, The Vine Hotel, Remax Portugal, Madeira Airports, ANA Airports, Portugal Telecom, TMN, Pepsi, Companhia das Quintas, among others.

I was responsible for art direction of multiple integrated campaigns, graphic & digital design while in the agency. Since 2009 i assumed the position of Creative Supervisor, assuring quality of most of the projects and supporting the creative team with ideas and insights.


º Creative supervision
º New accounts to the agency through competitions and new business
º Multiple integrated campaigns in the market
º International promotion and brand awareness of Madeira Island tourism in strategic marketplaces
º Large experience in working with brands related with tourism and travel
March 2006 - May 2011 Lisbon, Portugal

Usagi Design, Brand Design

Senior Designer

Usagi Design is a Lisbon based graphic design agency.

While i worked here i designed graphics & concepts mostly associated to consumer goods (Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Vitacress, Campofrio, Unilever, L'OREAL, Iglo, Yoplait, among others) including packaging, point of sale and illustration.


º Illustration
º Deep knowledge about retail market
º Photoshop expertise
November 2005 - March 2006 Lisbon, Portugal

Arta Design

Graphic Designer

My work here was mainly focus on graphic design, strongly related with real estate, since the agency is part of Enolagest Group - that includes a portfolio of several companies, like Garvetur and Visacar.
2005 - 2005 Algarve, Portugal

Atelier Do Sul

Graphic Designer

My passage here was mostly 6 months where i learned with one of the major references of portuguese design at the time, especially related to Hotel and corporate business side. I had the privilege to learn important design values and guidelines that shaped my reference for consistency and eye for detail.
2004 - 2004 Algarve, Portugal

Nameless Design

Junior Graphic Designer

This job means back to the start - my first job in the creative design industry in a small scale but where i had the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge on a real work environment and grow as a designer.
2002 - 2004 Algarve, Portugal

Darquiterra, Architecture

Internship, Illustrator

While i was studying, i had this part-time where i did some illustrations and small artwork for this architecture studio, gaining some real experience.
2000 - 2002 Algarve, Portugal


IADE-Instituto De Artes Visuais, Design E Marketing

Branding and Brand Management PostGraduate

October 2009 - July 2010 Lisbon, Portugal

UALG - Universidade Do Algarve

Communication Design Bachelor

September 1999 - June 2003 Faro, Portugal

Escola Superior De Comunicação Social De Lisboa

Advertising and Marketing

1st year course in Advertising and Marketing
September 1998 - June 1999 Lisbon, Portugal


Spanish (Conversational),
English (Advanced),
Portuguese (Native),
French (Beginner),
German (Beginner),


Lisbon AD School

Shortlist Young Creatives Contest



Advertising, Adobe Creative Suite, Art Directing, Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Branding And Visual Identity, Corporate Identity Development, Creative Ideas, Design Thinking, Digital Design, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Online Advertising, Packaging, Storytelling, Travel, UI & UX, Web Design,

Key Strenghts

• Brand Strategy & Brand Design
• Graphic & Digital Design
• Art Direction & Storytelling
• Design Focus On Marketing & Tourism
• Best Practices & Guidelines
• Sharp Eye For Detail
• Team Player
• Design Supervision

Workshops / Short Courses

Future of Storytelling, 2013


Masterclass: Ideas, where they come from and how they look with Pedro Bidarra from BBDO, 2011



Speacher: Pedro Pires, Strategic Planning and Creative Director, Ivity

Speacher: Mário Mandacaru, Creative Director, Brandia

Speacher: Lourenço Lucena, Executive Head Partner, Blug

Speacher: Prof. Américo da Conceição Mateus, IADE

Speacher: Ricardo Tomé, Web Strategist RTP


Advanced Photoshop, 2010


Web Design, 2005


Flash 5, 2002


Introduction to Video, 2002


PC / Mac user
Adobe Creative Suite
Corel Draw
Macromedia Freehand MX
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Office
XHTML + CSS (Basic)


Chairman of The Supervisory Board and member since 2010.

The ADS is a non-profit association composed by designers, artists, artisans and creative living in the Algarve. Nowadays the association is lead by creative young people, engaged in agencies, offices, businesses, freelance and in educational institutions in southern Portugal.

• AND (National Association of Designers)
Member of AND since 2004


Linkedin recommendations (check all here:

Senior Designer

"Hugo is without a doubt one of the designers I have ever met. Not only has he got an incredible feel for esthetics and colors but also a deep, analytical understanding of corporate design brand building. Op top of all that, Hugo is a really fun person to be around - highly recommended!"

Benno Schmidt
Marketing Manager at
Worked directly with Hugo at SponsorPay

"Hugo is one of the best designers that I have met.
Not only he is good on a design level, with strong TYPO knowledge, but he is really an eye-on-detail person, capable of thinking a lot before doing any design approach, what gives him a very solid and strong artwork.

Also, he is a great team-player, very helpful person, and he keeps cool in every circumstance.

As a Designer but as well as a thinker, Hugo is a must-have in the team."

Sérgio Rodrigues
UX/UI Designer at OutSystems
Worked indirectly for Hugo at SponsorPay

"Hugo is all about results. He will not only see a project through until the end, he'll ensure that the task is carried out to the utmost quality and highest caliber. What's most refreshing about Hugo is that he keeps a calm, upbeat and friendly demeanor even when confronted with the most daunting tasks and tightest deadlines. Through and through, he is a true professional."

Joseph Vito DeLuca
Marketer. PR Practitioner. Writer. Communications Professional — Expert Storyteller
Worked directly with Hugo at SponsorPay

Senior Designer / Art Director

"Hugo is a very devoted profissional. Hugo's work stands out from its peers thanks to its continuous research and passion for what he does." February 1, 2013

Patricia Conde
Creative Director at Inesting, Marketing Tecnologico SA
Worked directly with Hugo at YOU MIX

"Hugo is a very dedicated professional, great in his typography and branding skills and a big plus on a team."February 1, 2013

Bruno Prezado Silva
Co-Founder & Designer at Unbabel
Worked directly with Hugo at YOU MIX

"Heart and soul, that's what you get when you work with Hugo. Working with him as team was a pleasure. Determined, dedicated and a hard worker, Hugo always gave his very best to any project he was involved in. Also, he was very creative and up to date to what was happening in the design and advertising world, so there you have it, the perfect package." September 7, 2012

Sonia Falcao
Retention Marketing Executive for Casino and Games
Worked directly with Hugo at YOU MIX

"I had the chance of working with Hugo 4 years, and i have learned so much with him. He’s an excellent designer, which specialty is branding, however he’s great in different areas with an amazing quality, such as graphic design, editorial, branding and webdesign. He holds an innate creativity, that has born with him. As a colleague he’s always willing to help others, he loves to investigate and, for me, even more to share his knowledge with others." August 30, 2012

Andreia Silva
Designer / Web Designer na Inesting, Marketing Tecnologico SA
Worked directly with Hugo at YOU MIX

“Hugo, was my school colleague, and nowadays my colleague at work.
He is one of the most interested and motivated persons I know. Very creative and very good colleague. He likes to share his knowleadge and always helps everybody around with his great ideas.
As a Creative professional he invests a lot in his work and in his education, always learning and always reaching for more.
I totally recommend Hugo!”

Rita Ferreira
Graphic Designer at SponsorPay
Worked directly with Hugo at YOU MIX


“I had the pleasure to work with Hugo in our final project, and I can say for sure he's a very creative person, never misses the point and fight for his ideas. He's also a great colleague and friend.” February 14, 2011

Rita Ferreira, Marketing, MecWins, Madrid
Studied with Hugo at IADE

“I was his mate last year at a Branding post graduation course and I can say for sure that he’s very competent, dedicated and friendly. It’s someone nice to work not only because of his criativity but also due his strong hability to acomplish goals.” January 17, 2011

Gislaine Marques, Copywriter at Executive Center, Angola
Studied with Hugo at IADE

“hugo is a one of the most creative students that i had the pleasure to teach. Is lateral energy allows him to go deeper on any creative process and technique, turning the ideas into brand innovation, his contribution was vital to the group that he as part reach successful projects. ALso his skills to make ideas visual helped this groups to achieve brillant results.” December 17, 2010

Americo Mateus, Methodology Author and Project Coordinator, IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION
Taught Hugo at IADE

“Hugo was an outstanding student and is a very creative and professional designer.” December 17, 2010

Francisco Vasconcelos, Copywriter at RTP, Lisbon
Studied with Hugo at IADE


Branding, Creativity, Trends, Gadgets, Googling, Football, Scuba Diving, Travelling, Movies, Research.

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January 21, 1980