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Environmental Artist

New York, NY, USA
“My focus as an artist has been on monumental-scale, outdoor installations. Project locations have ranged from dense urban centers, to pristine natural landscapes. As an artist I’m interested in the intersection of art, technology and nature. I’m also interested in the contrasts between seeming opposites… natural and man-made, real and surreal, contemporary and historic, hi-tech and low-tech. In my work, I always strive to attain a vision that is at once both starting and alluring… an evocative and mesmerizing vision that transcends the ordinary.” — Stuart Williams


University Of Michigan

Bachelor of Architecture

Graduated from 5 year program.
Studies included: art history, sculpture, urban planning, history of architecture, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology.

Recipient of the following honors:

• The William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize
• University of Michigan Alumni Scholarship (full tuition for 5 years)
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States


French (Beginner),
Italian (Beginner),


STUART WILLIAMS • Environmental Artist

(abbreviated resume)


As an ”artist of ideas” Williams works in a wide variety of materials and media. He holds a degree in architecture from the University of Michigan. Following graduation his interests gravitated decidedly to fine art, and more definitively to site-specific, environmental art. His architectural education provided him with an intimate understanding of historical context, monumental scale, and three dimensional space. It also gave him a firm grasp on the importance of relating to the unique aspects of a specific site and locale.

With three decades of experience as a critically acclaimed artist, Williams takes a global view on each project he approaches. He envisions sweeping and logistically challenging concepts, and then skillfully addresses the sometimes seemingly insurmountable engineering and technical challenges they often entail. By overseeing a team of specialists and technicians specific to the needs of each unique project, he is able to take each idea from initial concept to ultimate and successful fruition.


2011 – 2015 “Lebensatem/Dresden” (“Breath of Life/Dresden”) Commissioned by Dresden & Columbus Sister Cities to travel to Dresden, Germany in October 2011 to research sites for a “sister installation” to “Breath of Life / Columbus” (see Columbus project below). 2015 will mark the 70th anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden. In homage to Dresden’s virtually total destruction and subsequent renewal, and to honor this important anniversary of an iconic moment in world history, American artist, Stuart Williams, will install “Lebensatem/Dresden” at the historic Dresden Cathedral in 2015. Williams will transform the facade with light... making the Cathedral appear to “breathe.” Waves of light, rising and falling at the pace of human breath, will create the visual impression of respiration. The Dresden Cathedral was completed in 1738, and is one of Dresden’s foremost historic landmarks. It was destroyed in WWII, and meticulously rebuilt — stone by stone — in the 1980s. With its prominent setting on the River Elbe, it is a key component of Dresden’s historic “silhouette,” and with its soaring Baroque tower reflecting in the river, a light installation here becomes an artwork on the scale of the cityscape.

2012 New York Foundation for the Arts awards sponsorship to “Lebensatem/Dresden”

2012 “Breath of Life/Columbus,” commissioned by Columbus Public Art 2012, Columbus, Ohio

2010 New York Foundation for the Arts awards sponsorship to “Paris and New York Light Plumes”

2009 Paris sabbatical / studio in Paris, France / research and production of detailed video proposal for “Paris & New York Light Plumes”

2004 Los Angeles Percent for Art; two commissions

1995 "15 Orange Spheres," Commissioned by Nickelodeon / MTV, New York City (permanent installation of 15, two meter diameter spheres)

1993 “Luminous Earth Grid,” Solano County, California — Artist, Project Manager, Chief Fund Raiser:

• Cosponsors: New York Foundation for the Arts & Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco

• an array of 1,680 green fluorescent lamps installed on a mountainside; budget: $500,000

• 8 football fields in total area; 12 miles of electrical cable

• “It emanated a sense of the romantic sublime with its aura of surprise and wonder.”
— Peter Selz, Curator of Painting & Sculpture / Museum of Modern Art, New York

• “Unquestionably the most ambitious public artwork in the San Francisco Bay Area since Christo’s ‘Running Fence.’ It is a joyful thing.”
— Allan Temko, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle

1990 Villa Barbaro, Maser, Italy
1987 Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
1985 Stinson Beach, California
1984 Courtyard of the Louvre, Paris, France
1983 Filisur, Switzerland
1983 Château d’Azay-Le-Rideau, France
1982 Palisades Park, Los Angeles
1982 Central Park Sheep Meadow, New York City
1981 Sea First Bank Plaza, Seattle
1981 Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

• WORK PUBLISHED (partial list)

Art in America, New York
iGNANT, Berlin
Untitled – The State of the Art, Berlin
Abitare, Milan
Panorama Mese, Milan
Grazia, Milan
France Soir, Paris
Stern, Hamburg
Life Magazine, New York
San Francisco Chronicle
Sacramento Bee
Oakland Tribune
San Jose Mercury News
ABC Television

• AWARDS & GRANTS (partial List)

2014 Grant / Anonymous Foundation, New York
2013 Grant / U.S. Embassy, Berlin for “Breath of Life / Dresden”
2012 New York Foundation for the Arts awards sponsorship to “Breath of Life / Dresden”
2011 Grant / Dresden Sister City Inc.
2011 Grant / Columbus Sister Cities International
2011 Grant / City of Dresden, Mayor’s Office
2010 New York Foundation for the Arts awards sponsorship of “Paris and New York Light Plumes”
1993 Grant / Pacific Gas & Electric; San Francisco
1993 Grant / Rene and Veronica di Rosa Foundation; Napa, California
1993 Grant / Calistoga Mineral Water; Yountville, California
1993 Grant / LEF Foundation; St. Helena, California
1993 Grant / Osram / Sylvania Corporation
1992 Grant / The Cockayne Fund; New York City / Louisville
1992 Grant / Rene and Veronica di Rosa Foundation; Napa, California
1990 Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, awards cosponsorship of “Luminous Earth Grid”
1989 New York Foundation for the Arts awards sponsorship of “Luminous Earth Grid”

• REVIEWS (partial List)

PETER SELZ — Curator / MoMA, New York — 
“It (‘Luminous Earth Grid’) emanates a sense of the romantic sublime with its aura of surprise and wonder. It is a very, very beautiful thing. I think people are very lucky to have a chance to see such a fine work of art.” 

“A fusion of nature, technology and art”…
“Ohhhh...... those are beautiful!”
(from an interview, in response to Williams’ “Five Orange Spheres”)
ALLEN TEMKO — Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, San Francisco Chronicle —
“It (‘Luminous Earth Grid’) is the most ambitious work of environmental art in the San Francisco Bay Area since Christo's ‘Running Fence.’ It is a joyful thing.”
iGNANT, Berlin —
“Our emotional connection to an increasingly technologically dominated life would not be addressed by most artists until years later. This makes the Luminous Earth Grid, by American artist Stuart Williams, all the more remarkable.”
“Close to 25 permits were required from various state and governmental agencies, and the successful navigation of those many hurdles required the significant rhetorical talents of the artist.”
“A skillfully orchestrated union of the literal with the metaphorical… a triumph of the ephemeral.”
GRAZIA, Milan — 
“When hanging from the palm trees in Los Angeles, Williams’ Five Orange Spheres appear as opulent bunches of terribly tempting fruit. When dotting the sandy shore of Cannon Beach, Oregon, they seem to be the mysterious eggs of huge sea turtles.” 

• BLOGS (partial list)

iGNANT, Berlin
Art Served
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Colossal Art Blog / Luminous Earth Grid
Local Social Art Blog
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• INVITED LECTURER (partial list)

1994 San Francisco Art Institute
1993 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
1993 University of California, Davis

• ART COLLECTIONS (partial list)

Nickelodeon, New York City
MTV, New York City
Bellevue Hospital, New York City
MGM, Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles