Scott Perket

Partner at Forge Studio

San Francisco, CA, USA
In 17+ years, I've built and led teams, shipped product at scale, and helped organizations rediscover how to work together. I'm a systems thinker that takes pride in bringing world-class consumer grade user experiences to business tools and products that tread new territory or reimagine tired and inadequate norms.

Working at the micro and macro level, I balance short term tactical work with long term strategic exploration and vision definition, while contributing to organizational design and various horizontal systems across the company. I'm flexible and can work lean and iteratively to meet an aggressive deadline, and run long-term strategic design efforts through workshops and iterative phases of the project life cycle.

I bring design operations tools and playbooks to teams and organizations, providing organization and structure to work, resulting in trust, stronger relationships amongst teams, and shipping better solutions to customers. I've contributed to improving candidate sourcing and hiring processes to be more simple, human, and inclusive; have contributed to inclusive cultural events through creating and empowering internal communities; have contributed to improving peer feedback and review policies, tools, and practices resulting in increased retention and employee satisfaction while decreasing regrettable attrition; and have initiated and ran internship programs, student outreach programs, and internal mentorship programs.

I have designed and contributed to design systems, and large scale framework design, at enterprise companies and startups—including improvements to tooling and aligning workflows and technologies between design and engineering; and have designed platforms, app stores and end-to-end enterprise, business, and consumer applications for Mac OS, native mobile platforms, responsive web, and web SaaS.

Work Experience

Forge Studio


We improve people's relationship with technology and services by partnering with companies to deliver simple, human experiences through world-class research, product strategy, and design. We believe that products and services are tools for empowering people—driven by a desire to make someone’s life a little easier and simpler—and that even the most powerful and complex tools can be friendly and approachable.
January 2019 - Present California, United States


Product Design Consultant

Notable clients: Google Analytics, Square, MeetingHero, Varo Money, Prosperworks, Zapier, SmartRecruiters, and more.
December 2004 - January 2019 California, United States

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Product Design Lead

Product designer on AWS special projects.
January 2017 - June 2017 California, United States


Product Design Lead

Product designer on Measurement, primarily focused on ads reporting, and supporting nearly all teams across Facebook on how to integrate into our measurement services and user experience.

- Core Ads Reporting (Ads Manager and Power Editor)
- Placements: redesigning the framework for ad placements across Facebook to better accommodate Facebook's rapidly scaling ad business, including accurate cross-platform placement and measurement (i.e. Instagram, Messenger, etc) and audience insights and overlap
- Clarity Project: after working with data science to uncover a number of growing product confusions throughout Facebook's advertising and business products, I initiated and led product management and design for an extensive audit, cataloging and rewriting of all Facebook metrics; Stacey Gordon (content strategy), Jamie Jordan (PMM), Aeron Gleman (front end dev), and I led the design of an extensive in-product messaging framework, new design patterns and components for use across all ads products, and greatly improving the overall help and guidance experience through a tighter in-product help center integration, as well as discovering gaps in help center content that were covered, resulting in users getting highly relevant, timely help and guidance in the moment without leaving the context of their work.
- Local awareness ads
- Dynamic product ads
- Date comparisons
- Candela data visualization design system support and integration across Facebook products
- Contributed to systems efforts with the business design systems team (BIG)
- Contributed to desktop prototyping initiatives to help establish better tools for desktop design and prototyping within Facebook design, including planning and teaching classes.
- Worked with our internal data tools team to consolidate many proprietary internal data query, analysis and reporting tools into a single, holistic product and platform

Product design on LiveRail (publisher solutions) and Atlas (agency solutions).
March 2015 - January 2017 California, United States


Director of Design

- Creative direction, and digital product design and strategy, for iOS, Android and web products
- Insurance Partner Program framework and product design
- Core product vision strategy and redesign (iOS, Android) (
- App platform, app integration to core experience, and app store
- Marketing website creative direction and design
- Branding and identity
- Support of physical point of purchase displays
July 2014 - February 2015 California, United States


Product Design Lead

Led holistic vision and strategy for the core Zendesk SaaS web product for agents and admins, as well as the large scale clean-up and unification of our web product UI/UX patterns under a newly defined pattern library, while contributing to special projects like Inbox by Zendesk.

Led team efforts including:
- unification/consolidation of team tools
- design team documentation best practices
- design team file organization & naming best practices
- initiated and drove an inclusive problem solving framework and design thinking process that is now the standard project process.

Primary projects include:
- Inbox by Zendesk
- Pattern Library (UI pattern definition, unification and consolidation)
- Agent Interface Redesign
- Multi-brand (support for multiple brand entities under a single parent account)
- Search (Global search, agent search, lookup and autosuggest fields)
- Admin Experience Redesign
- App Management Design
- Profile Design
- Design to support enhancements to Twitter channel tickets
- Design for the Zendesk App ecosystem framework and design for various first party apps
August 2013 - August 2014 California, United States

Product Designer

Supported the Chatter, Sales, Support and Platform teams in an effort to make enterprise software more social and human. I worked closely with design, research and PM, and together we had a positive impact on multiple products, features, and platforms; including Chatter communities, topics system, influence & expertise system, and especially on the design and functionality of the Chatter feed & publisher.

Primary projects include:
- Chatter feed
- Chatter publisher
- Chatter profiles
- Chatter groups
- Chatter topics
- Chatter Real-time (Chat, VC)
- Salesforce Communities (Help Center, Q&A, Answers)
- Global reputation
- Stypi (Real-time collaborative notes)
- Chatter files
- Chatter notifications
- Chatter polls
- Chatter record feed
- Chatter intergration
- Multi-dimensional publisher (publisher platformization to support publisher actions)
- Salesforce1 feed and publisher UX architecture and UX design
- Salesforce1 publisher design
- Salesforce1 notifications UX architecture, UX and visual design
- Salesforce global navigation
- Salesforce global login experience
February 2012 - August 2013 San Francisco, California, United States


Lead Designer

Product Design (UI/UX), branding, marketing, and web design.
January 2012 - February 2012 San Francisco, California, United States

Veterans United

Senior Designer

Updated branding of and their family of companies to the Veterans United brand, with Veterans United Home Loans as the flagship company. Led and grew a small design team while taking on high level brand projects that included branding/identity/ establishing brand guidelines, numerous web design projects, app design, user interface design (UI), user experience (UX), online marketing, conversion optimization, landing page optimization and design with SEO goals in mind.
June 2011 - December 2011 Columbia, Missouri, United States

Prodigy Pixel /

Visual Designer

Print and web design.
October 2010 - December 2010 Springfield, Missouri, United States

Robison Creative Studios

Visual Designer

Print and web designer. Took lead on most project heading up client relations and communication while being lead designer with occasional art direction from owner, Brent Robison. Handled a large amount of projects at any given time. Typical project included branding, web design, print design, and social marketing. I tackled a wide variety of projects including trade show displays, PPC management, audio production, video production and more.
March 2007 - September 2009 Ozark, Missouri, United States

417 Magazine & Whitaker Marketing

Design Assistant

Print design, advertising design, marketing design, internal graphic design, website maintenance, IT and street team member.
December 2005 - March 2007 Springfield, Missouri, United States


Drury University


Studied Visual Communication, architecture and global studies. Medical withdrawal due to back surgery.
August 2002 - February 2006 Springfield, Missouri, United States


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Volunteer Experience

AIGA member (San Francisco chapter)


"Scott is world class design talent. It's rare to find a designer with his breadth of experience, and basically unheard of to find someone who can deliver high quality work across all of those formats and domains. Design systems, UX architecture across desktop and mobile, mobile UI trends, vizD polish, he does it all with ease and expertise. He's also an amazing mentor, always willing to make time to advise product development colleagues of all roles and levels. Plus, his humor and humility make Scott one of my very favorite people to work and learn with." —REBECCA BUCK, DESIGN MANAGER AWS

"Scott's most lasting impact at Zendesk will prove to be the unwavering commitment he had to driving adoption of consistency and UX design patterns across our creative and product teams. I appreciate that Scott was willing to play the deviant role on many projects and continued to push the team beyond our comfort zone when it came to what was possible and what was acceptable with our product experience. Even after Scott has left Zendesk, we'll continue to benefit from and deliver on the body of work and design thinking that he established" —STEVEN YAN, DIRECTOR, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT AT ZENDESK

"I can't even begin to measure the amount respect I have for Scott. During our time working together at Zendesk, he helped reshape the way our Product team worked; the results have been momentous. He boldly questioned old processes which not only helped our team move forward and grow, but also helped us establish a better understanding of how we wanted to build products in the future as an organization. He was not only a valuable asset to our team but he was also a great mentor. Scott challenged my way of thinking and helped me discover my own process and introduced me to new methodologies that have helped me grow as a designer. All that being said, Scott would be an excellent candidate for any leadership or mentorship role." —SARA MENEFEE, PRODUCT DESIGN LEAD AT CHANGE.ORG

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"Scott's ability to keep track of all the things at once is pretty impressive to me. He had an eye for all the small details while keeping in mind the bigger picture and how they connected. I learned a lot from him in the time we worked together and hope to learn more from him in the future." —AMIR HADJIHABIB, PRODUCT DESIGN LEAD AT CHECKR

"Scott is one of the most dedicated designers I've worked with. He seeks feedback often, iterates tirelessly, and has a great attitude about work in general. He's truly someone I can count on to get things done. He is also intensely hungry for knowledge and personal growth; exploring new products, taking classes, talking with teammates from all disciplines in order to become a better designer." —ANNA MIERITZ, DIRECTOR OF UX AT SALESFORCE

"Scott does amazing, high quality work. He has an eye for good design, is awesome at both interaction and visuals, and can be both tactical and visionary. He goes above and beyond to meet his goals for every project. It's at times mind boggling how much he can produce between presentations for execs, specs for the product teams and future explorations with his own team. For a period of time, he was the sole visual designer across 5+ Chatter teams. And he was involved in a number of cross-functional, high profile projects that have been pivotal to the product's success. But even in those times of high stress, Scott never disappointed." —KIMMIE NGUYEN, DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT AT FASTLY

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