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We, -Designers/Artists/Media People- need to communicate that social problems aren't, & need not be a social decease. The world around us cries for help, & it's our duty to help people realize that all the important social matters & bitter hurdles won’t go away by simply closing our eyes or looking the other way.
  • Founder
    The Elevated Design Society — Xanthi, Greece
  • Lead Graphic Designer
    Arena Link — Corfu, Greece
  • Owner / Art Director
    "vitamini", Creative Workshop — Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Creative Director
    Advanced Advertising — Greece
  • Senior designer
    Hy Brazil — Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Graphic designer
    EEA — Xanthi, Greece
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I'm constantly in front of my Mac, trying to rediscover my self. I feel ready for a bigger challenge, because ideas keep popping out of my head! Are they any good? You decide!
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