Rusty Fox


About the Artist

Rusty Fox is my artist name for hide my identity, I was raised in a city; my personality is formed by my upbringing within the city. I have always been concerned with the balance and the imbalance within the city; the living things, the human beings and the inanimate objects, which influence this perception that I have of the city.

From my point of view, most of us in this city are walking machine, numb and soulless. What makes the subjects living in a city different from a piece of meat or a robot?

To me, documentary photography has no limits in what it presents. My body of work allows viewers to see the unnoticed relationship between inanimate objects and us. To see the ordinary in the extraordinary truth, beyond the surface to see the message hidden beneath. Therefore engaging the viewer, by allowing the images to speak for themselves.

Work Experience


United Kingdom


Newport University

Master of Documentary Photography

Master’s Degree of Documentary Photography in Newport, University of South Wales.
United Kingdom

University Of East London

Bachelor of Photography

Bachelor’s Degree of Photography in University of East London.
United Kingdom

About the main Project : Form of Animals

‘Form of Animals’ is a series of photographs that originates from my main body of work - ‘The Forms Series’, a project that study the forms of different subjects, in this instance – Animals. Albeit animals are the main focus for the project, no photographs of live animals will included. All “animals” that appear in this project are captured as inanimate objects; most of them are zoological specimens, models, or even corpses.

The motivation for this project is about the message behind these forms as objects. As a photographer, I watch and study these inanimate objects, making me rethink the meaning and reason for life. I begin at a simple starting point for the creation of this project – to see animals as objects and record their forms.

I believe that no matter how one sees life, one cannot change the fact that a biological life is something that starts from zero, and returns to zero. However, with the power of man, this rule has changed. And humanity has developed technology that allows the soulless body to be kept for display purposes. To me, the interplay between life and death carries an ambiguous message which entices me to continue exploring through form through photography.

Main Exhibitions

2015 - ‘FuturePast’ Exhibition, part of the ‘Diffusion’ Cardiff International Photography Festival.

2015 - ‘Form of Animals’ Exhibition, Macau Museum of Art, Macau, China.

2015 - ‘VISUAL ROOM’ Exhibition, The Project Space, Newport, United Kingdom

2014-2015 - Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 157, Various Locations included Royal Albert Hall and Belfast Photo Festival, United Kingdom

2014 - Pingyao Photography Festival 2014, Pingyao, China

2014 - ‘MULTIPLICITY’ Exhibition, The Old Truman Brewery, United Kingdom

2013 - ‘It’s All Lies’ Exhibition, Iniva, United Kingdom