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Ricardo "Cadinho" Bjerke

Owner at FireGrader*

+47 46761761
Volda, Norway
Jun 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jan 2010Jul 2011
Oslo, Norway
Feb 2009Mar 2009
Freelance animator (remote)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nov 2008Dec 2009
O Cartel
O Cartel has evolved!

After 1 year of pure joy, O Cartel is kindly leaving the stage, making room for a a new company: ÜberHauz.

We are now bigger, stronger and very excited about this new phase! Check out our new company profile and website.

See you there! ;)
Quebec, Canada
Sep 2008Oct 2008
Freelance animator (remote)
Approximately 3-4 weeks of remote freelancing work. Worked on 4 shots of "Les Corbeaux", a french TV movie, animating crows, lots of them... :)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 2003Aug 2008
Supervisor / 3D animator / 3D illustrator / Video composer / Video editor / 3D tracker/matchmover
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 2002Jul 2002
3D generalist
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Aug 2000Feb 2002
3D generalist / Video Composer
Portuguese (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), Norwegian (Conversational)
3D Animation, 3D Illustration, Character Animation, Post-Production
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