Ricardo Esteves Pinto


Lisbon, Portugal
I was born in Lisbon, in 1978. I'm both an architect and a photographer.
With one foot in sciences and the other in arts, I started a mechanical engineering degree but, in the third year, realised it wasn't the path I wanted. So, I changed to architecture and in my last year I entered simultaneously a professional photography degree.

My interest in photography started when I was 18, after my father gave me my first camera, a nikon fm. I started to observe and explore reality in a new and revealing way.
Without a chosen genre, I tend to wonder between portrait, urban and natural landscape and street photography.
The years passed, the shots gained more intention and the photos became a way to express myself and to search, to reflect and provoque, a way to exceed myself.

Work Experience

Ricardo Esteves Pinto . Photo


Present Lisbon, Portugal

Offon Arquitectos

Partner | Senior Architect

December 2013 - Present Lisbon, Portugal