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Why Host a Behance Portfolio Review Event

Portfolio Review organizers include companies, organizations, and individuals with a passion for connecting their creative community. As an organizer, you’ll have the chance to provide a venue for creative inspiration and valuable feedback for your community, with the support and power of Behance.

Portfolio Review Week signups are now closed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing a Behance Portfolio Review:

  1. Plan the Logistics

    Find an accessible and comfortable venue for your review, and a date and time during the upcoming Portfolio Review Week. Secure speakers and reviewers to provide inspiration and feedback for attending creatives.

  2. Create an Event Hub

    Create a publicly available page where attendees can learn more about your event and RSVP (many hosts have had good experiences with Eventbrite, Splash,, or Facebook events — use the platform that’s right for you & your community!).

  3. Make It Behance-Official!

    Share your event with us to be promoted on the Portfolio Review Week hub, and get our official organizer kit with tips and collateral for you, and prizes for your attendees.

  4. Promote Your Event

    Your event will appear on, but we encourage you to shout it out on your own channels, including email and social media, to maximize your reach. See our social media promotion guidelines here.

  5. Make It Your Own

    Our most successful Portfolio Review organizers add unique touches, from Behance-ified cupcakes to ice-breaker activities. Have fun with it, and have a great event!

Ready to Organize Your Behance Portfolio Review?

Portfolio Review Week signups are now closed.

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