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28 years old. From Brazil, proudly, workaholic, and passionate for art, design, illustrations and everything connected with these.
  • Art Director
    Editora Balponte — Manaus, Brazil
  • Diretora de Arte
    Mene&Portela — Manaus, Brazil
  • intern
    Fucapi — Manaus, Brazil
  • Diretora de Arte — Brazil
  • Diretora de Arte
    Haus65 — Manaus, Brazil
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These section is about my work at Balponte. This publishing is one of the few existing here in Manaus, we have at the time 3 magazines that have been distributed for sale in these 3 last years, two about economy and other about the houses market. I do almost every art of these magazines. Oh yeah, and i love it.
I have to say, my dream is be a very competent illustrator. And i work very hard every day for that. On the graphic design world i am still very very small, but i try to be in constant evolution.
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