Razvan Gabriel

Graphic Designer / Software Developer

Iași, Romania

Work Experience


Co-Founder, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Android Developer

I am the co-founder/managing partner of a new company, vansoftware, a software development /graphic design/marketing outsourcing firm where i work, learn and provide my expertise. I co-founded this firm to improve and put my skills to good use, while learning to manage projects and clients with different wishes and backgrounds. Our portfolio is growing day by day, and we would like this to be a successful and trusted company where programming or design is not the only things we do, but our expertise and ideas would also be the thing to help you achieve your dream application/platform/start-up idea.
July 2016 - Present Iași, Romania



Sycity provides the best opportunity to see more about who's around you and who spends their time at the same clubs, cafes or places that you like&love. Create new friendships, check out a restaurant's profile and menu, post a picture/video and make the most out of your experience.

This start-up was built from scratch by me and 2 colleagues. Even if my tech-title in this start-up was at the beginning "The Graphic Designer", as we developed our project i learned to act also as a Marketing Agent, enhanced my skills as a Web Designer, Web Developer, Android Developer and so on, skills that helped me gather experience and solve tasks and complex milestones which i now can manage with efficiency and professionalism !
September 2015 - Present Iași, Romania


Emil Racovita National College

Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science

Iași, Romania


Startup Weekend

2nd Place at Startup Weekend Iasi


1st Place at FiiPractic Hackathon



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Android Studio, C++, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, UI, Web Design, Web Development,