Comicbook Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Writer and Film Maker
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Comicbook Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Writer and Film Maker
  • Illustrator
    Robin Fogarty And Associates
  • Illustrator Pencils and Character Development Artist
    AS-Guards, Indie Comicbook, Arizona
  • Director and Producer
    Olisi Pares Animated Series Production
  • Illustrator, Pencils and Inks
    Mark Tuit's Graphic Novel, "Barnone"
  • Director
  • Illustrator and Author
    Olisi Pares Production
  • Director,Creator,Writer, Screenplay Writer, Co-Producer
    Olisi Pares Production
  • Storyboard Artist & Creative Consultant
    CAST(Cebu Animators Society For Talent)
  • Freelance Illustrator (Selective)
    Nudefish Multimedia
  • Scriptwriter and Consultant
    Papicture Productions
  • Art Director
    Crumpled Paper Production And Design Studio
  • Art Director
    Doe Productions
  • Illustrator, Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery
    Medical Book Authored By Dr. Bradley Hennenfent
  • Illustrator, Inks, Colors, Texts
    Matchmaker Logistics — Wilmington, NC, USA
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