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«What`s sense of photo restoration?»
Digital era has influenced on all spheres of our life. Digital gadgets and cameras progressing with photos. But we still have many old photos. Some of them are in a not good shape: they are tearing, fading, or even getting lost. Then only photo restoration can help.
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«What`s sense of photo restoration?»
Digital era has influenced on all spheres of our life. Digital gadgets and cameras progressing with photos. But we still have many old photos. Some of them are in a not good shape: they are tearing, fading, or even getting lost. Then only photo restoration can help.
It`s time to look into your family album. Pay attention directly to old photos. What are they look like? Don`t you agree the time mercilessly handles with them? So, it is time to convert this photos into digital format. Photorestoration can courageously take this task on itself. Your photos will be live.
Twenty-thirty years ago, before transforming technologies into digital degree, photograph restoration was on primitive level. The photos of your grandparents, or further relatives, from whom all you got is just stories or few memories? Well, hide this in inaccessible place and don`t allow anybody to touch them! Or only order memorial photo. Was this perspective? Then nobody could not even think photo restoration would rise in professionality. Photo resteration will go in online regime over fifteen years.
Now there are a lot of online photo resoration services, which can do photo restoration exactly to 90%. The most popular programme, which also can do Photorestoration, as you know, is Photoshop. There are a lot of functions, but all of them are too complicated for beginners, that`s why they must spend much time by teaching all Photoshop specifics of photo resteration. It`s easier to surf the Internet and turn to many photograph restoration services. They are located in the concrete for all over the world, but the biggest part of it, curiously enough, in Russia: Photor, Fotoartel, Photo-recovery, Photo.yodo, Photorepair etc. Their prices hesitates on middle level – not cheap, but not too expensive.
Photo restoration is quite difficult work. Sometimes it happens, when lacks some parts (important or not) of old photo. Then, this photo resteration problem solves by drawing this lost individual parts by hand. This is tremulous and long process, especially drawing portraits. It is necessary to delete the grain and noises too.
Another possibility of photo resoration is to paint some photos. It is often comes across big family portraits with a bunch of members. In a cases same to recovering lack photo parts, this process is doing by hand. This is most difficult and expensive work in photograph restoration, because right painting is not enough. This person must be the real artist, he must have the Aesthetics feel, to pick up the right colors to make the real masterpiece. He works not for only profit, but for reputation of his photo resoration company.
There are another, accustomated to us, functions doing by photorestoration, like: correction light and shadows; exposure correction; defects and interferences correction; scratches, bends correction; dirty, ink, water spots deleting. And of course, it is not for free.
«Photoshop photo restoration»
Photo restoration of old photos is the most fabulous photo editor`s work. Although it is difficult and long to make the needed result, but that is the secret – to «broke» your brain, but then to get the beautiful new-old photo. Photoshop presents wide possibilities and many instruments for qualitative photograph restoration. By understanding them the users will get a professional skills in photo retouching.
Most of old photos have the ability to be torn, crumpled, or have some necessary ground parts of it. All this disadvantages solves in Photoshop, but editors must be very careful. They will have to tinker with photorestoration. The total score is saving the spirit of that, photo`s, time.
First of all get the copy of photo for photo resoration. Use the scanner obligatorily. Than go directly to photo resteration itself.
The most important step in photo restoration is to delete the ugly spots, which appeared with a long time of existing photo. It is better to use the Patch toll. In photo resoration firstly deletes the big areas, than small, by using the Healing brush, Spot healing brush and Clone Stamp. For safe photorestoration recovering it`s better to paint this areas into another color before(in cases the white background).
Then goes, perhaps, the most difficult part of photo restoration. It often happens when some parts of portraits are damaged. Especially parts of face. The professional retouchers doing drawing this empty or lack parts by hand in photograph restoration. But if there are no skills in art or drawing, it`s easier to copy the same, existing parts (for example left eye is normal, right is not, so take the left), and move on a place of damage. For this process it`s better to use Flip gorizontal, than align it and bring back the transparency to 100%. Then goes using of Brush to mask extra areas. For more comfort photo restoration use the brush with soft colors and soft edges. It will create soft invisible transitions. To recover more complicated damaged parts it`s possible to use Warp to fit the shape. The main rule in Photoshop photo resteration is to start every operation on new plies. Use Stamp again to fix all disadvantages, for this task editors can take as a basis the transparent ply. If it`s necessary, they can use different plies, allot and mix them.

After than there are several easy, but important photorestoration operations. Use Reduce noise to suppress it. Especially there much of it in blue channel. And increasing harshness. It`s necessary to use it only on needed areas. In photo resoration can be several methods. For example, High pass (for more advanced users), or less complex way – Masks. Also can be used Curves lines to correct contrast. In photo resteration it`s important to more harshness increasing if than to copy photos on printer.
As you see, Photoshop photo restoration complex, but interesting process. But it`s basic information. Google will help. If you have enough time, try firstly to work in Photoshop yourself. Read Less
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