Pesho Aliev

I have been working as a designer in the forex industry for a long time. I have created the designs for many popular forex platforms, also some controls for other projects.I also was responsible to create different color designs for the forex charts and other backoffice and frontoffice components.

Work Experience

Forex Robot

Forex Graphic designer

My responsibility was to create graphical design for all the controls and the platform itself.In the forex busyness sometimes design is everything. Specially when people are using forex robots, they need all the colors and buttons to be created in specific way. My job was to create buttons with specific shape so the forex comunity has less chance for a misclick. The graphs nedded to support also Renko charts for the users who want to make analyze the markets by using that method.
February 2016 - January 2018 Bulgaria

Currency Strength Meter


The company global goal was to measure the realtive strength between the 8 major currencies. To do that , there is a special formula which you can use to calculate the position of each currency compared to the others. Also it is important what the starting point is. If you choose different starting point, you will get different results. So my goal was to test all possible starting points and choose the ones that have the most predictive values The size of the period also is important. The biggest period brings the most information ,but it is not so usefull for the intraday trader. When the intraday trader chooses to make trade he need to know what is the current trend of the currency strenght and choose the right pair with the biggest difference in their relative currency strength.
You can understand what is the strength of a currency by watching the chart, but for example if you watch eurusd and gbpaud , you cant know which is better to AUD from eur and gbp. Even if you open euraud and gpbaud you still may not have idea which one is moving more in term of %.
February 2018 - March 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria