Pavol Mikuláš


Bratislava, Slovakia
I am a cross-disciplinary designer, who believes that human-centered design can make our planet a better place to live.
I believe in the power of positive thinking and concentration on a user.

Work Experience

School Of Design In Bratislava

Design Teacher

Teacher of industrial design.
September 2014 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Freelance Designer

Product Designer, Brand Designer, Web Designer

I offer a wide range of services, from Product Design to Brand Design. My clients include Škoda Auto, Eset and Re pello.
February 2008 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Olgoj Chorchoj

Industrial Designer

I was responsible for a number of projects, including the design for Olgoj Chorchoj’s 2005 Designblok exhibition, the carafe and water glass design made by Moravian Glassworks Květná, the web code and design for Olgoj Chorchoj’s website, and the 2006 Design of Pilsner Urquell photo award trophy.
August 2005 - October 2007 Prague, Czech Republic

School Of Design In Bratislava

Design Teacher

Teacher of interior design and engineering drawing.
September 2002 - August 2004 Bratislava, Slovakia


Slovak University Of Technology In Bratislava

Doctor of Arts

Postgraduate study, dissertation topic: Timelessness in design
September 2002 - December 2010 Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak University Of Technology In Bratislava

Master's degree

My courses include Theory and methodology of design, Intellectual property rights.
September 2000 - June 2002 Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak University Of Technology In Bratislava

Bachelor of Industrial Design

My courses include mathematics, physics, mechanics, descriptive geometry, anatomy, ergonomics, history of fine arts, drawing, modeling, 3D modelling.
September 1996 - June 2000 Bratislava, Slovakia


Slovak (Native),
Czech (Native),
English (Fluent),


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