Paulo Silveira

Consultant Project and Technical Solutions in Telecommunications and Broadcasting

Curitiba, Brazil
In organizations, real power and energy are generated by relationships. The patterns of relationship and ability to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles and positions.

Work Experience

Wave Innovation Telecom

Consultant Project and Technical Solutions in Telecommunications and Broadcasting

The new era of Information Technology and Telecommunications brings new challenges that require unique skills to customers optimize and prepare it for future opportunities. New creative ideas and requirements are unfolding for millions of entrepreneurs. Wave Innovation Telecom has the knowledge, connections and proven ability to help with the "start-up", and evaluating business opportunities existing in this dynamic new "World of Technology", providing management and consultancy services in technology to help businesses and clients develop a strategy and technology expertise in telecommunications systems in the areas of TV, cable TV, mobile, VoIP, ATM, MPLS, SAT, CATV, streaming video (VoD, OTT), broadband, IP / Broadcast head-end solutions, IP network, DWDM, IPTV, WiFi, MPEG, MPEG DASH, CDN, Cloud.
January 2010 - Present Curitiba, Brazil

Rede Paranaense De Comunicação

Engineering Manager

• Responsible for planning and design of eight "new headquarters" within the context of digitization of the signal flow, which covers the entire infrastructure for the deployment of Digital TV, culminating with the award by Globo Network Engineering in 2008 as a the best projects from Brazil;
• Responsible for developing and implementing the project of transmitting media over fiber optic networks using IP, SDH and MPLS in partnership with Telecom Company, which encapsulates the headend station and transmits the entire stream multicast / unicast MPEG2 for all sites interconnected network (VPN), which generated a savings of 1.2 million dollars annually;
• Responsible for the development, design, specifications and testing of streaming media over a network link fiber optic (single mode) using DWDM technology, which connects the TV link Paranaense NET in order to be able to travel on the HD signal and improving the quality SD signal;
• Responsible for planning, design and definition of equipment “Digitalization System of Journalism”, in a totally computerized (tapeless) and connected by fiber-optic network, which in LR model provides flexibility in the transmission and consolidation of media servers in HR any site linked to fiber-optic network, somatized development of management and editing software, whose degree of automation systems thereby changing operational processes generating savings of more than 5 million dollars annually;
• Responsible for planning, design and definition of equipment “Centralcasting System”, whose development led to the verification database and media (LR) stored on servers in each site, sending the media server for each display, signs of central court, monitoring views of each of the remote signal through process automation, centralized operation for fiber optic network from a central site generating a savings of 10 million dollars annually;
• Responsible for planning, design, specification and testing of the "Communication System for Audio" that has linked eight sites across the transmission fiber-optic network using the VoIP protocol to coordinate voice which generated a savings of 3 million dollars annually;
• Restructuring of positions and salaries of the entire area of Television Engineering in the face of the need for adequacy and competence due to new technologies and that led to the creation of "Multi-specialist Systems Operator" with a savings of 30 million dollars annually;
• Setting goals and developing plans for improvement and innovation of systems, processes and procedures, adding value to the work to achieve better economic performance for the organization
• Implementation of a project benchmarking and performance evaluation.
January 2002 - December 2009 Curitiba, Brazil

Rede Paranaense De Comunicação

Maintenance Supervisor

• Implementation of computerized maintenance systems and integrated supply;
• Responsible for planning, operating procedures, resource optimization, plans, work orders, control and structure of teams;
• Elaboration and implementation of policies and strategies based on methods of analysis (QRQC, FMEA, FTA, RCM2) reflecting on OEE, MTBF and MTTR;
• Professional experience in change management and workflow processes based on Lean Six Sigma to improve quality and speed of the change process models;
• Identification and reassess the levels of importance of the equipment and facilities.
January 1990 - December 2001 Curitiba, Brazil

Coinpel - Comércio E Indústria De Peças Ltda.

Production Engineer

• Responsible for analysis, planning and control of batch production ideal for flexible machining;
• Responsible for establishing a plan for analyzing and evaluating the performance of equipment and installations containing the model, indicators and targets of production;
• Professional experience in the management of production plans with increased productivity tied to routine management with an increase of OEE;
• Contact several suppliers implementing JIT and negotiating prices and delivery times with relevant results;
• Program for discussion and dissemination of technical and managerial aspects related to productivity and quality of production and maintenance;
• Responsible for implementation of TQC and TPM.
April 1988 - December 2009 Curitiba, Brazil


Federal University Of Paraná

MsC Degree in Telecommunications Engineering

The course of study aims to Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering and emerges from the adoption of a new training model, with the primary objective of teaching and learning in-depth profiles of a number of professionals recognized by the employer market. This model results in the formation of highly qualified human resources in the fields of electronics, telecommunications and information technology, capable of responding to complex engineering challenges with a focus on innovation.
March 2013 - Present Curitiba, Brazil

University Positivo

MBA in Strategic Project Management

The course aims to develop the knowledge, skills and ability to act as project manager of any nature, size or complexity, leading multidisciplinary teams, managing resources, time, budgets and risks and implementing them successfully. The skills are focused on using techniques and resources for project management results proposed by the organization effectively integrating the knowledge and skills to develop and maintain the values, aspirations and attitudes appropriate to help the stakeholders to work together to improvement project.
March 2010 - December 2011 Curitiba, Brazil

Fundação Getúlio Vargas

MBA in Business Administration and Business Management

The course aims to provide in-depth technical and business management, and develop strategic vision and market. To this end, he offers instrumental to develop the professional efficiency in decision making, increasing its ability to analyze, organize and synthesize information related to the administration area. It also establishes, develop personal skills in communication, planning and leadership.
August 2003 - July 2004 Curitiba, Brazil

Pontifícia University Católica Do Paraná

Graduate in Production Engineering

The course prepares professionals to manage production systems within the current standards of quality and productivity. The goal is to empower the intellectual capital to adequately manage the productive resources of a company, preparing companies for a better competitive position based on the latest techniques of industrial management, and develop and adapt to business productivity and quality requirements imposed by globalization of the economy.
March 2000 - December 2000 Curitiba, Brazil

University Tecnológica Federal Do Paraná

Graduate in Teleinformatic and Computer Networks

The course aims to train professionals from providing digital communication skills, introduction to data communications, digital transmission, optical communications, reliability and data compression, computer networks and communication protocols, wireless networks and ad-hoc networks, network management, C language and Matlab, communication systems in real time and distributed systems.
March 1999 - December 1999 Curitiba, Brazil

University Tecnológica Federal Do Paraná

Graduate in Maintenance Management

The course enables professionals in the area of ​​maintenance engineering to plan, organize and control systems maintenance, integrated maintenance management through engineering as a factor of production and introduce new concepts of maintenance engineering.
March 1997 - December 1997 Curitiba, Brazil

University Federal De Santa Catarina

Engineering Electro-Electronics

The course aims to train professionals to work in the areas of industrial automation, computing, microelectronics and biomedical engineering, and systems for generating and distributing energy in the computer industry and telecommunications companies and electronics.
March 1976 - July 1982 Santa Catarina, Brazil


English (Fluent),


Rede Paranaense De Comunicação

Project Network Solution



Managment, ATM, Broadband, Broadcasting, Budget Management, Carrier Ethernet, Client Relations, Consultant, Consulting, Dark Fiber, DWDM, Ethernet, Fiber Optics, IP, IP Networking, IPTV, MAM, Metro Ethernet, Microwave, Mobile, MPLS, Network Architecture, Network Design, Network Operations, NGN, Optical Transmission, OTN, Product Management, Project Management, QoS, SDH, Team Management, Telecommunication Management, Television, Time Management, Transmission, Video Production, VOD, VoIP, WAN, Wifi, WiMax, Wireless,


• Solid experience in product design, production, maintenance and telecommunications engineering;
• Extensive knowledge in the development, management, planning and implementation of new projects and products;
• Domain methodologies for evaluating the performance skills and linked to strategic planning (BSC);
• Domain control budget for the areas of production, maintenance and services deployed in all cost centers and control matrix;
• Solid knowledge in Lean Manufacturing (Kaizen, Kanban, Jydoka, SPC, TQC);
• Easy to set up the investment plan, plan of rationalization and cost reduction;
• Domain control, optimization, assessment procedures, methods and periodic maintenance;
• Easy to establish methodology for defining centralized purchasing instruments and equipment for maintenance;
• Solid knowledge in analyzing and evaluating the performance of equipment and installations containing the model, indicators and targets of production;
• Extensive knowledge in the technical management of implementation and monitoring process indicators using visual dashboards (A3 report) related to the results of PDCA;
• Experience in hiring employees and provide training;
• Domain management for IT projects within the PMI methodology;
• Solid knowledge in the management of Head End systems, transmission, processing, production and storage of V / A (Broadcasting, SAT, DTH, IP, MPLS, SDH, DWDM and compression formats).