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Hola! I am Parvati, a Communication Designer.I am a Dreamer. Love illustrating especially with clay and paper. I like to learn new things and explore new mediums, My sketchbook act like my visual diary, They are my interpretation of the world around me. I am a big foody and love to sketch food.
  • Illustrator / Designer
    Freelance — Espoo, Finland
  • Graphic Designer
    M4ID — Helsinki, Finland
  • Head of Design
    Chumbak — India
  • Freelance Illustrator
    Brainwave — Bangalore, India
  • Illustrator
    Freelance — Ahmedabad, India
  • Illustrator
    7th Eye — Pune, India
  • Illustrator
    Pencil Sauce — Bangalore City, India
  • Intern
    Tool Box — Pune, India
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