Élise "Atlas" McNeill

Brand Technologist / Web Architect / Luxury Designer

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
“I’ve come to this world with one purpose –
To create a beat of colour and a rhythm of love.”

Specializing in Brand Expression, my creativity and design expertise aim to turn messages into mantra, add soul to strategy, and organize divergent parts into the power of the whole; clarifying the vision and purpose of a brand’s deepest potential and bringing that vision to life.

I seek to push the boundaries of design, infusing a vivid energy into my work and evoking a new level of originality that bridges the gap between our material world and the more profound.

Work Experience

Cloudline Agency

Brand Technologist & Web Architect

As owner and operator of Cloudline Agency, a bespoke brand house specializing in crafting Authority Brands, I'm equipped with a finely tuned skillset for conceptualization and development of intricate projects.

With an underlying focus on innovation, my core strength lies in perfecting the strategic and creative aspects of a brand – providing a backbone and ultimately enhancing its appearance as a professional and prestigious organization. Progressive vision, coupled with an unrelenting attention to detail and web savvy, produce a compelling, interactive and synergistic design experience time and time again, while devising and implementing strategies that streamline resources and align corporate objectives.
2008 - British Columbia, Canada

Arcus Iris

Founder / Jewelry Designer

Drawn to gemstones and their energy through a passion for the conscious science of quantum physics and it’s scientific revival of spirituality, at age nineteen, I wove together my first brand -

ARCUS IRIS - Latin for Rainbow - specializes in Conscious Luxury Jewelry for the pioneers and elite trendsetters of the high fashion world. Just as fingerprints reflect the uniqueness of every person, so too do the stones and jewels at the heart of these designs. Incorporating gemstones of the highest quality and precious metals custom manufactured in Italy, my designs reflect nature in all its wonder and beauty, both on the physical and energetic planes.

The pieces not only have stunning aesthetic appeal, but also possess metaphysical properties that assist in balancing the energies of the individuals who wear them. Arcus Iris' exceptional product, coupled with its positive message, is intended to enhance the wearer’s senses and more deeply attune them to their natural instincts. This is about much more than gorgeous jewelry; the brand’s vision is to harmonize people’s energy so they too can shine their brightest and lend themselves in the making of a positive future.
2007 - Ontario, Canada


Seneca College Of Applied Arts And Technology

Advanced Diploma Fashion Arts & Manufacturing

· Advanced clothing construction & tailoring
· Pattern making & pattern grading for apparel industry
· Textile sciences & quality control
· Strategic marketing for fashion industry
· Fashion design: hand illustration & computer-aided design
2004 - 2007 Ontario, Canada


English (Native),
French (Fluent),


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