Naomi Little


Copenhagen, Denmark
Always on the lookout for new opportunities and interesting projects.

I like visual and written communication. I combine analysis with strong design and conceptual interpretations of ideas, to form an identity within a project.

I am Australian by birth and am living permanently in Copenhagen, Denmark. Maybe it's the Danish existenialism, the minimalism and the no nonsense attitude of the Danes I like or it could be the good nature of the Danes and their honesty....The weather is most definatley not the reason I live here!

I have previously worked in Horticulture, garden design and have a background in Architectural studies. I am currently studying Multimedia Design and Communications to upgrade my skills and follow my ambition of designing/creating/directing for a living. With the end goal of becoming an Art or Creative Director whilst doing my personal artwork on the side.

I write, draw, paint, make digital artworks/illustrations, code, analyse and recently have gotten into laser cutting and 3D printing at Valby Kulturhus. I also sew and generally like to be using my hands. I would also like to get more into experimental film making and animation when time permits.

Since being in Copenhagen, I have worked on small projects with my company, Stow, including content editing, CMS building and teaching, logo designs, web designs and software development and design.

Did I mention I love Adobe Illustrator CC?!

Work Experience

Milestone Systems

Web design assistant

Web design assistant, app design and testing, icon creation, CMS updating, web publishing and design mockups.
February 2014 - Present Copenhagen, Denmark


Freelance Designer

Web design and development, graphic design, illustration, content editing, concept development, logo design, app design, typography and creating type
January 2013 - Present Copenhagen, Denmark


CPH Business

AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communications

Web design and development, graphic design, illustrator, data bases, project management.
August 2012 - Present Copenhagen, Denmark


Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Artworks, Concept Development, CSS3, Design Definition, Design Development, Design Implementation, HTML5, Human Interaction, Icons, Illustration, Jquery,