Nik Matt


Orlando, FL, USA
Starting as a simple hobby, I began my long and passionate relationship with web development at the brisk young age of thirteen by teaching myself HTML (quickly adding CSS to my self-curriculum). By the age of fifteen I had already started distributing open-source templates amongst the various popular-at-the-time sites that dealt in such things; and by the age of sixteen I had began my dark descent into web development proper by self-learning PHP and MySQL. Over the years since I have been involved in a wide variety of projects as both a contract and full-time developer, in addition to contributing to several different open source projects (most notably Wordpress and jQuery), and as a result my skills have expanded to include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Apache HTTP Server, Postgres, Microsoft IIS, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS administration, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, basic Ruby on Rails, and node.js; in addition to development on the two major mobile platforms, iOS and Android, as well as the now seemingly-defunct webOS.

The work I've been responsible for runs the gamut from simple static business websites to full proprietary data management systems with heavy mobile components. My professional experience also includes varying levels of graphic design, including brand creation and UI/UX design, usually tied to development projects I led or was involved in.

In addition to web and mobile development, I also have a strong knowledge and understanding of music theory, production, performance, composition, and audio engineering, with a similar history that parallels the experience outlined above. I am very eager to build upon my existing professional experience in these fields through film, television, and video game sound production and scoring, should the opportunity reveal itself.

Work Experience


Web Developer

General web development work that I completed outside of my employment with any specific company. This includes freelance work and contributions to open source projects.
January 2004 - Present Cookeville, Tennessee, United States


Composer, Producer, and Audio Engineer

General work detailing experience gained in the field of music production, composition, performance, and audio/recording engineering.
January 2005 - Present Cookeville, Tennessee, United States



Responsible for navigating the project roadmap and working with every department to ensure the project is fleshing out as it should. VICEGIRLS is a collectively owned independent record label and software developer in which all contributors have an equal financial stake in the company.
May 2012 - Present Orlando, Florida, United States


Developer / Data Management

Helped collate, proof-check and assemble packages of collected data for our clients, as well as developing proprietary in-house software for iOS and the web. The business itself (as well as their website) are no longer operating.
August 2008 - July 2011 Cookeville, Tennessee, United States


Tennessee Technological University

Political Science, BA

September 2008 - May 2012 Cookeville, Tennessee, United States


English (Native),
German (Conversational),


Adobe Photoshop, Agile, Amazon Web Services, Android Development, Angular.js, CSS3, Graphic Design, HTML5, Ios Development, JavaScript, Jquery, MSSQL, Music Production, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, Web Development, WebOS Development,