Nenad Ivanovic

UI/UX Visual Designer

Belgrade, Serbia
Nenad Ivanovic firmly believes that creative people have the power – and the duty – to change the world for the better. That’s why, when not doing multidisciplinary design work for a variety of international companies, you can find him leading the nonprofit Lege Artists in organising large events for creatives, such as Belgrade Behance Reviews and 99u Local Belgrade.

Nenad specializes in User Experience and User Interface design for several flavours of software and devices (web tools, iOS/Android/WindowsPhone, Google Glasses), always experimenting with new gadgets and usability solutions. Nenad starts out as a graffiti writer and graduates Graphic Design in Belgrade with top grades (2012). All the while, he builds experience by attending design events, working for creative agencies and for large IT companies and tech startups around the world. You can see his full profile, portfolio and story at

Work Experience


UI/UX Designer

With the offices in the hearts of two beautiful cities Hamburg and Belgrade, AlsterCloud is a fine blend of passionate creatives, software and business developers looking to bring your most incredible ideas to life. We combine innovative and powerful technology with beautiful design to create unparalleled branded and engaging web and mobile experiences while keeping our customers, partners, team and the community at the core of everything we do.

Our Team is a perfect blend of experienced IT, creative and business talents, all technology and design enthusiasts on top of the latest trends, keen to pushing back frontiers and using the power of technology to make a difference in our customers’ and their customers’ lives.

That’s why, at AlsterCloud, we put our customers first. We collaborate with our customers through a careful combination of trust and intimacy on matters of business development, their brand management and digital consultancy.

Thanks to our streamlined agile process, we are always there for our customers allowing them full transparency and access to the development process with weekly status updates, while securing quality and accuracy throughout all stages of our services.

Everything above-mentioned testifies that we always think, develop and design with our customers and their success in mind.

With our unique, intimate and innovative approach to solutions not only do we create future by pushing boundaries of IT and business on daily basis, we do it in a fun way that makes ours and our customers’ dreams come true.
November 2013 - Present Serbia

PS Tech

UI/UX Designer

PSTech is an innovative technology company that provides fully integrated business solutions and advanced software development services. We are based in Belgrade, Serbia and successfully provide our services to the local, regional and global market. We continue helping our customers and partners explore their business development and optimization through our expert knowledge and experience, since 1996.

PSTech counts over 280 employees, out of which more than 250 are software engineers.

With this number of people, PSTech represents one of the biggest regional software outsourcing centers, with the capacity to serve clients across all continents.

Main areas of expertise in our advanced software development services are object-oriented software development, database design and mobile platforms (Android, iPad). We are also running the biggest regional center of excellence for functional and performance software testing.

Our business solutions are tailored to the customer needs and we provide extensive additional customization possibilities. For the clients who wish to take the most out of business software automation, we can provide the best ROI value.
November 2013 - March 2014 Belgrade, Serbia

Lege Artists

Founder and Team Lead

A group of young creatives from Serbia gathered in a project to shed light on Serbian and international copyright- They will try to illustrate the copyright laws to make them more familiar to all creatives. Their vision is to educate creatives about their rights considering creative work, and to raise general awareness about importance of the copyright protection.

Check out our projects on Behance / and website
September 2013 - Present Serbia

Wireless Media

Visual Designer

Wireless Media provides tools and services oriented towards telco companies. Their flagship product, Origami Platform is dedicated to the management of telecom multichannel websites (web, mobile, apps, social media). It includes own content management but can easily aggregate content from any other source and adjust it to any mobile client. Origami AppBuilder, app-creation tool that removes the need for developers and replace them with an easy-to-use, web-based comprehensive tool. With clear separation of app creation and building process, it lets users build full-featured yet visually attractive apps without programming knowledge.
Specialties ; development, web, mobile, wireless, ICT
August 2012 - November 2013 Belgrade, Serbia


College Of Fine And Applied Arts


Activities and Societies: Member of creative team for visual identity of school, participant at many workshops and seminars for graphic design, initiator for school magazine
- I worked for school some videos and designs
- I have been worked with some professors besides faculty
- I was doing a lot of graphic designs for firms, festivals, events besides faculty
- I worked at PR agency with professor recomendation
October 2009 - Belgrade, Serbia


English (Fluent),
Serbian (Native),
Italian (Beginner),



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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pack, Agile, Android, Apple Watch, Appple Tv, Apps, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interaction Design, IOS, IPhone, Layout, Logo, Mockups, Packaging, Photoshop, Publications, Responsive, Scrum, Typography, User Experience, User Experience, User Interface, Visual Communications, Visual Identity, Web Design, Wireframes,

Beginnings and education

During elementary education, he started to develop his artistic skills by graffiti drawing. Soon he became interested in graphic design, which is the reason he enrolled College of fine and applied arts in Belgrade in 2009, after preparations in art studio “Rajacki” from Zajecar.

During the studies, he has achieved an excellent academic success (GPA: 9,84), and has been developing his design performances within various channels of informal education by attending design conferences, intership in PR agency from Greece “V+O” chosen by professor as one of the best students in his class, working as a freelance designer on projects such are: ‘’Burn Urban Jump’’ , ‘’Goethe institute – System of communications’’ , ‘’Youandshoe’’ , ‘’World Snowboard Day’’ , ‘’EASTFORT Festival of electronic music’’ , ‘’Gitarijada – Traditional Music Festival’’ , ‘’MOxCU Art Festival’’ In Slovenia, ‘’KZS Tresh Seshn’’ (also, as main organizer) introducing himself to the world of design within various exhibitions and workshops around the East Europe. He cooperated with various agencies: ''C4 gruppe'' , ''Agena'', German agency ''Xplicit'' , Italian agency 'OZconseil'', Swiss digital agency “Raspberry Solution’’ and Russian IT company ‘’IT Excellence’’.


Soon after finishing the Faculty (June,2012), he began with one-month professional practice in marketing agency “Super Dot” in Belgrade. At the very end of the practice (August, 2012), he has got an employment in “Wireless Media”, a company that develops mobile applications and various web products. At the moment he is on visual designer position, working on projects such are: AppBuilder - software for creating mobile applications ( iOS, Android & WindowsPhone ), presented on the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona; - News portal. UI/UX Design for iOS, Android & WindowsPhone applications, tablet class.
Applications created by AppBuilder software, designed by WM design team:
Designing for clients such as: m:ts, m:tel, Telenor, VIP, Novaston etc.

Following projects from his portfolio deserve special attention: Costa Coffee Facebook game, , Timok Youth Center brand identity, Focus mobile app, LOL Chewing gum, Vague water bottle, Minimal Milk and Jogurt package.

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Workshops and seminars

- System of communication in Goethe-Institut Belgrade with Thomas Nagel
- Rajački – Art workshop
- Voyage Bleu
- Belgrade Design Week, design conference
- workshop: Smart Light – Lighting design in shopping malls
- workshop: Smart Kids – Thinking Munari
- Creative master class, Moderator Snask, Sweden
- Graffiti workshop at Osijek, Croatia
- Initiation - Communication
- Discover Solutions with Nesk art
- Mobile monday
- Workshop: InfoQube
- Remake festival
- Univerzalni vojnik - workshop: Activism Poster ; Branding of Savamala
- Share conference
- Digital day
- StartIT
- Social Change Hackathon