Nanor Der Boghossian

Senior Web and Graphic Designer

Beirut, Lebanon

Work Experience


Creative Director

March 2006 - Present Lebanon

Khatib And Alami

Graphic Design

My responsibilities are creating packaging, branding, Architectural reports and presentations. here are the projects I've worked:

• UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization | 3 Industrial zones (Baalbek, Tourbol, Jleiliyieh) - Beirut - Lebanon

• Chelbael | New Development Land Assessment Masterplan and Urbam Planning Study, Lebanon

• KASCT | Mixed Use Development - Preconcept and Concept Design, Riyadh - KSA

• Roumieh | Intra Investment Bank, Roumieh Golf Course - Beirut - Lebanon

• Waterfront City, Dbayieh, Beirut - Lebanon

• Zone 9 | Bawabat Makka | Masterplan Gateway, Makka, KSA

• Jabal Al Shrashif | Masterplan | Priliminary Approval Report, Jeddah - KSA.

• Schools Boys and Girls, Masterplan for the state of Qatar | phase 3 | Current and Futur Needs Estimate & Allocation 2015, 2020 and 2030. Jeddah - KSA

•Developing the Heritage Area in Old Arga, Amana of Riyadh, KSA
My role was to create the new image of Old Arqua by studying, searching all the aspect of this old historical area by preserving it's old aspect and characteristic. The brand Identity followed by the layout design report and the graphic packages. My duty was also to work on the maps, picture retouching, and preparing the presentations.

•Housing Site Development, KSA – Concept Design & Design Development.
Khatib & Alami (K&A) has been commissioned by the Saudi Ministry of Housing to undertake studies of potential mountainous affordable housing sites and to come up with design options for them.
My role was to work on reports of each site location, creating layout design, cover pages, CD covers, folder package, preparing presentations.
April 2013 - April 2019 Lebanon

Art Lounge

Senior Graphic Designer

Art Lounge / Artheum is a Art gallery and Created a series of packaging, creating creative events package(such as logo, posters, brand identity, invitation, goody bangs, book publishing...) space design and collaborating with international artist.

Creation two graffiti books:
- Beirut Street Art, Art Lounge publishing, Dec. 2009
Beirut Street Art earns the title of being the reference for all those who wish to get a closer look at the true colors of the social, political and environmental messages that have invaded the walls of Beirut. This latest Art Lounge publishing - documents, faithfully, the various opinions of Lebanese graffiti and street artists; while offering a complete overview of this emerging art from across the globe and pinpoints its vivid reflection on our society. Beirut Street Art, is a definite channel, through which many voices will be heard.

- Beirut Street Art Vol.II, Art Lounge publishing, May 2012
Beirut Street Art II examines the urban art environment of Lebanon's capital and its suburbs. This is a collection of photography which surveys the newest graffiti art tagged in town. Art lounge began this prescient documentation of Beirut Street Art two years ago, and this new compilation of the latest graffiti tagged in town is made to help you take an in-depth look at the ambitious and versatile street art made in Lebanon, ephemeral the world over; this is probably Art lounge's essential motivation with this collection of latest graff outbursts: to further illuminate the motivations and impact of this diverse group of artists at this vital moment in history.
- 2015 Beirut, Lebanon


ALBA (Academie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts) - University Of Balamand

M.A. in multimedia / web design

Beirut, Lebanon

ALBA (Academie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts) - University Of Balamand

B.A. in advertising and visual communication

Beirut, Lebanon


Armenian (Native),
Arabic (Fluent),
French (Advanced),
English (Advanced),


Art Lounge

Beirut Street Art

Art Lounge

Beirut Street Art Vol.II


Adobe Creative Clouds, After Effect, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustration, Indesign, Packaging, Photoshop, Photoshop Element, Sound Forge,