Michael Zaleta

Hard Goods Designer

Fairfield, CT, USA
Creative and Hardworking Design Professional that has a great passion for designing new and innovative solutions for today's design problems. I have a great passion for sports and footwear and fashion accessories. Interested in footwear design, product development, bicycle design, watches and accessories design, anything related to action sports and fashion industry.

Work Experience

Eastern Mountain Sports

Hard Goods Design and Production

• Manage the design and development of Day packs, Backpacks, Travel Gear, Tents and Sleeping Bags and Gloves.
• Develop a new tech spec system to streamline process of working with our overseas vendors to improve production.
• Evaluate and apply current & future market trends, consumer activities, materials, color and trim design techniques across multiple product categories including Backpacks, Travel Gear, Tents and Sleeping Bags.
September 2016 - Connecticut, United States

E. Gluck

Lead Product Designer - Armitron Men's & Women's

Lead Designer for Armitron Men's and Ladies Watches
• Create inspiration and trend boards for each season along with color palette and product direction
aligning with brand guidelines
• Manage the design and development for multiple projects for men’s and women’s categories,
• Overseas travel to Hong Kong to work with vendors and factories on product development of watches.
March 2016 - September 2016 New York, United States

E. Gluck

Product/ Graphic Designer

• Design and develop watches for Quiksilver and Roxy Brands for Fall 2015

• Design and Develop POP and in store display and packaging for the brands.
July 2014 - February 2016 New York, United States


Softgoods/ Industrial Designer

• Design and illustrate computer cases, backpacks, laptop bags, messenger bags, sleeves, iPad cases, folios, luggaage bags and mobile case accessories.
• Develop specifications of cases and review sample inspections for production samples to finished product.
• Product Market Research and Develop presentations of products and/or concepts for clients.
• Internal and overseas correspondence with designers, manufactures, engineers and sales team.
• Work and correspond closely with engineers & design team overseas in China to work together on designs for samples for production products, oversee projects from concept to finished product.
• Work with Fortune 500 Companies to design OEM products for licensed brands, consult with companies on projects and design products under the companies brand as well.
• Design OEM computer accessories for HP, Belkin, Ingram, Monster, WIB and Francine Collection.
• Create Tech Specs, Tech Packs for factories to make samples and production products
• Create Trend/ Inspiration boards for colors, materials and patterns for clients.
• Photograph products for sample review and revision and also Production Products for catalog/ company branding.
September 2012 - July 2014 Branford, Connecticut, United States

Loyal Souls

Owner and Founder

Loyal Souls is a New Clothing Brand Dedicated to the Street Wear Culture and keeping it Fresh and New!

Loyalty to the Brand! That's our Motto at Loyal Souls
Loyal: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, or product Soul: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual
January 2012 - Present Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

Innovative Display And Design

Industrial Designer

Design and create 3D displays and exhibits for tradeshows, exhibits and corporate events.
Create artwork for graphics and banners for displays and signs.
Designing concepts for clients specifications and develop from sketches to final exhibit or display.
October 2011 - September 2012 Connecticut, United States

Turf Dawg USA

Product Development and Design

Product Development, Product and Graphic Designer

Product Development and Design December 2008- September 2010
Freelance Designer Janaury 2010 - October 2011

Started as intern and now Freelance and contract design work
Design custom turf dawgs/ sports gaiters, graphic design with logos, colors, and graphics.
Marketing and Promotional Designs: Event banners and posters, marketing postcards and handouts.
Designed Marketing email newsletters. Sell sheets and product packaging cards.
Research and Development: product testing and engineering, interacting with consumers.
Manufacturing of product first hand: over-seeing product being produced.
Sales and marketing: Consulting with coaches and equipment managers.
December 2008 - October 2011 Connecticut, United States

Nike (EMEA)

Athlete I (associate)

• Utilize customer service skills, basic sales techniques, and product knowledge to connect customers with the right product and drive sales.
• Maintain knowledge of store departments and be able to operate cash register for transactions, perform shipping and receiving duties, stock the floor, and build visual displays when necessary.
• Serve as a product knowledge resource for consumers. Seek educational opportunities to develop advanced level or specialized knowledge about selling, Nike products and culture, sales and service techniques.
March 2010 - August 2010 Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Wentworth Institute Of Technology

Bacherlor of Science

Relevant Coursework:
CAD II and III 3-D Modeling Materials and Manufacturing
Design Perspectives: Topics in History Modeling Techniques I and II
Directed Studies: Research Rapid Prototyping
Industrial Design I, II, III, IV and V: Studio Visual II: Perspective Drawing
History of Industrial Design Visual III:RenderingTechnique
Human Factors in Design Visual IV: Info Architecture

Student Work:
Studio Class Experience, Summer 2009
Designing for Sustainability: Community Bicycle Sharing Program
• Research existing programs globally around the world for inspiration
• Create the entire system of a program from the Bike to the Shelter and locking system
• Sketch many ideas and concepts for all aspects of the program and create visual presentations
• Built a final scale model that worked for locking system, final rendering of bicycle and shelter.

Directed Studies Senior Project, Spring & Summer 2010
Research and Design: The Effects & Behaviors of Spatting
• Research a proposed direction of our choosing and develop a problem of focus of that topic.
• Develop an effective written research book and final presentation of our directed area of study.
• Create a design solution to the problem of the topic at hand and develop concepts and a design a solution from the criteria of the focused project field of study.
September 2005 - August 2010 Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Acrylic, Adobe Dream Weaver. Fabrication: Blue Foam, And Adobe Bridge, Basic Manufacturing And Rapid Prototyping, Bent Lamination, Bondo, Bridgeport Mill, Casting, Computer Rendering, Dye Sublimation, Excel, Flamingo, Foam Core, Graphic Design And Layout Design, Graphite, Heat Transfer And Cap Press. , Illustrator, Indesign, Lathe, Lighting Electrical, Mac OSX, Marker Rendering, Metal Work, Office, Packaging And Marketing Design. Software: Windows, Perspective And Assembly Drawings, Photography, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Research, Resin Casting, Rhino, Rubber Molding, Solid-Works, Spray Painting, Technical Competencies: Design: Hand Sketching, Technical Drawing, Vacuum Bags, Vacuum Forming, Wood,