Damian Muszkiet

Art Director & Designer

Tarnowskie Gory, Poland
Chuffed Statement?

Advertising where ideas don’t come from thin air. They take top-notch research, valuable customer insights and talented people all working together to not only meet the clients’ goals, but exceed them.
Brand Identity what I don’t just call Brand Integration Group because of it BIG initials. I call it that because of the job Ido and the ideas I create as creative director, designer, artist and strategist where I can bring brand to life.
In Creative Design I see the blank piece of paper that I can fill with new and exciting ideas that help to attain cliets ultimate goal - selling.
Digital Marketing simply goes for interactive design where my experience combined with my hunger for what’s next will keep client’s digital marketing on the forefront, through online advertising, mobile solutions, user experience improving and more.
In Promotional Marketing I will work with client to identify smartest plan of action and answer the question: what drives the consumer? I simply create creative concepts and market communication for same homeland as foreign companies.
I design or else...

The Things

Visual Communication, design and photography don't have borders for me.
Culture and extreme sports specialy me beloved rock climbing & bouldering do the trick.
As a person I am self-reliant, highly motivated, eager to learn, team player, confident, always trying to give or find new ideas where there are none.

Work Experience

Intro Kreatik


October 2014 - Present Poland

Citi Handlowy

Graphic Designer

Cooperation agreement with NoART Agency is a document that states my cooperation with Marketing Department of Citi Handlowy in Warsaw.
I work with mediawalls animations, responsive web design EDMs, daily Citibank branding in ATL & BTL.
July 2014 - June 2015 Poland


Art Director & Graphic Designer

March 2011 - Present Poland

Fox In The Box

Graphic Designer

June 2011 - April 2014 Poland

Studio RedNet Media Design

Graphic Designer / Photographer

April 2009 - May 2013 Warsaw, Poland


Graphic Designer

February 2005 - September 2014 Poland


University Of Social Sciences And Humanities

Visual Communication (B.A.)

Communication Design, Strategic Planning, Intercultural Communication, Corporate Identity, Branding, Graphics Workshop, Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation, CG & VFX
September 2014 - Poland

KSF In Krakow

KSF Extension School’s Associate in Arts (AA)

Photo Manipulation, Advertising Marketing, Photo Journalism, Fashion Photography, Architecture Photography, Studio Workflow (studio photo session's), Dark room work knowledge.
September 2008 - April 2011 Poland


Web Design Specialist 1D0-520

Skills Taught (Refer to course description for more details).
- Web site development essentials, including the site development process, customer expectations, and ethical and legal issues in Web development.
- Web design elements, including aesthetics, the site user's experience, navigation, usability and accessibility.
- Basic Web technologies.
- Advanced Web technologies.
- Design and development technologies.
- Current issues in Web design.


English (Fluent),
Polish (Native),
German (Beginner),


Album Art, Animation, Art Direction, Branging, Concepting, Corporate, Creative Direction, Flash Animation, Graphic Design, Identity, Image Production, Interactive, Photography, Print Design, Project Management, Responsive E-mailing, Responsive Web Design, Visual Arts, Web Design,

Additional Information

My interest goes for culture, art and extreme sports specialy for my beloved climbing / bouldering.

As a person I am self-reliant, highly motivated, eager to learn, team player, confident, always trying to give / find new ideas.

Some Awards:

Nationwide photography contest MegaTotal.pl
– 1st place in 'people' category – 08/13
Academy of Art University – 1/4/13
Photography Served – 6/6/13
Student Show – 5/9/13
Fashion Served – 2/4/10
Fashion Served – 1/12/10
vi.sualize.us – 1/09/13