Morgan Davy

Freelance Artist

London, United Kingdom
MORGAN DAVY (Member of 'The Minesweeper Collective')
is a self-taught freelance Artist & Printmaker. Commissioned mainly for his
large murals paintings via word & mouth throughout London.
More Recognised for his colourful pallet & unique freeflowing style, He also practices Calligraphy, illustration and Graphics.
Morgan's style of work is very playful when it comes to perception, subjectively becoming a personal special experience to the viewer,
engaging with them to stimulate the individuals use of imagination...

Art critic Nick Razzo once described one of Morgan's Art works
"Like a sort of hypnagogic supernova all mixed up with Francis Bacon and the brain scans of someone enjoying an orgasm.
At one point it seems like a sea of rare chemicals on a distant planet,
at another it resembles a monstrous bird."

Work Experience

The Minesweeper Collective

Member of the Board of Directors

Minesweeper collective is made out of creative individuals working together in a co-operative structure. We specialise in the making of design, screen-printing and the organisation of artistic and cultural events. We have built a printing and graphic studio inside an old ship, once H.M.S. Ledsham M.2706, Ham Class Minesweeper, ex-Navy wooden vessel that is now used as an art laboratory and where we collectively make artwork, provide artistic services and host art residences. We organise open screen-printing workshops for beginners on-board every Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5pm. In particular, thanks to the collaboration and support of artists, businesses and councils, we also organise regular art exhibitions, workshops and stalls in different venues and during events across U.K. and Europe.
February 2013 - Present Deptford, United Kingdom


Events Manager, Gallery Curating, Silk Screen Printing, Workshop Runner,