The Outsourcing Company.

Cairo, Egypt
Every Business has a crown jewel. MINDSET’s crown jewel is its clients. We are very proud to have developed a wide-based set of distinctive clients. Some of those are: The Small Business TV, I Am My Boss, A Guide to Feed your Child, Nationalization With Development, Impact Plus Leadership Center, Taibah Leadership for Research and Consulting Institute (TURCI) and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) among others.

Below are some details about some of our esteemed clients:

The Small Business TV:
A business community to offer all-in-one business services using online technologies. MINDSET is fully leading the technical, media and business activities of the Small Business TV.

I am my BOSS:
An Online consulting helpline for entrepreneurs and business owners. The portal is offering online live streaming (Live) advice. MINDSET is leading the project on Technical & Business levels throughout multiple business managed services.
A Guide To Feed Your Child

An Online community for both Mother & Child. MINDSET is offering full-set of services; this includes Gateway management, market research, events management, social media engagement, events managed services and much more.

For more information about our clients and to see the full list of the businesses we deal with, please visit our website: www.mindsetmea.com

Work Experience


Professional Services

- Offshore Applications Development
- Web Applications Development
- Mobile Applications Development
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Enterprise Applications Development
- Software Product Engineering
- ERP/CRM Solutions
- Offshore Software Development
- Quality Assurance
- Digital Marketing
- Content Writing
- Media Production
December 2015 - Present Cairo, Egypt


Business Intelligence

- Analytics Services for Telecommunications
- Analytics Solutions for Financial Institutions and Public Security Sectors
- Data Warehouse, Data Quality and Business Intelligence Solutions
December 2015 - Present Cairo, Egypt


Managed Business Processes

-Virtual Assistants
-Internet Research & Analysis
-Presentations & Data Entry
-Social Media Engage
-Sales & Marketing
December 2015 - Present Cairo, Egypt


English (Fluent),
Arabic (Beginner),


Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Analysis, Android Development, Android Studio, Bootstrap, Content Writing, Data Entry, Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, HTML, HTML5, Internet Research &, IOS Design, Ios Development, Ios Development, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, Laravel, Logo Design, Marketing, MINDSET, Mobile Application, Offshore Applications, Paid Advertising, PHP, Presentations, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Swift, Web Design, Web Development, Wesbite, WordPress,

ASMI Management Institute

MINDSET has built a very sophisticated e-Learning with Live streaming plat form. Integrated with an Online payment, Live Support and payback solutions and transactions.

We have built a well-structured backend to manage the CMS, financial and Online marketing as well as social media integration on both levels; students and subject matter experts.

ASMI has been recognized as #1 Online & Live Business School within the Middle East region.


MINDPEDIA is a Blue-Chip market research and Online platforms’ owner. We have built their market research and data analysis tools.

We fulfill all their ongoing marketing research, Online development, eCommerce related, Social Media engagement, Business Intelligence need and much more.

Nationalization with Development (NBD)

The NBD is one of the National Transformation programs in KSA. A strategic project which we offer ongoing outsourcing services on all levels; this includes but nit limited to project management, technical development, social media engagement and much more.