Michael Rowe

UX Designer

Melbourne, Australia
Strong belief in keeping things simple.

Enjoys disruptive ideas that solve genuine problems and shake up staid industries.

Values collaboration, variety and the freedom to explore ingenuity.

Work Experience

CHE Proximity

UX / UI Project Manager

CHE Proximity is an advertising agency based in Melbourne

I was contracted to manage and deliver the agency’s most ambitious in-house responsive web app after some early setbacks. In the interest of meeting the deadline; a short window of 21 days, it was necessary to produce fast UX design iterations to reduce latency in client-side feedback. Problems pertaining to interfacing with RFID, Sitecorp and OMNI were solved with extensive communication with the Technical Team.

Finally, after pitching the product persuasively to the client we were given final approval and delivered the functional prototype 3 days ahead of schedule. This project later won CHE Proximity praise from the client, along with a number of additional major accounts.

This project is scheduled for release in September 2013.

My personal accountabilities included:

- Managing Senior Digital Art-Directors
- Producing Wire frame prototypes in Axure
- Product Scoping & Resource management
- Presenting to client’s senior management
- Problem solving with the Lead Developer
March 2013 - Present Melbourne, Australia


Product Designer

Telagram is an App that allows users to broadcast live-video between iPhones.

I was responsible for delivering the team’s concept as a fully functioning prototype as a proof of concept for investment. This involved creating the UX design in Adobe Illustrator and managing a medium-sized development team based in Hyderabad, India. Together, we delivered Telagram as a Testflight prototype within 30 days; and pitched to Angel Investors in San Francisco.

This resulted in Telagram securing three advisers and the product featured on renowned startup blogs; Lovebootstrap & Beta List. In February, we pitched and were subsequently short-listed for the Advance Innovation Program of 2013.

My personal accountabilities included:

- UX Design
- Trend Analysis & Feature Implementation
- Management of the International Development Team
- Pitch deck & Relationship Management
- International business development
- Outsourcing Research
June 2012 - February 2013 Brisbane, Australia


UX Manager

Wofbyte was a boutique development company based in Brisbane that has now ceased trading.

I was offered the UX Manager position after successfully delivering the company’s SH2 Shift Handover iPad app for engineering client; Sedgmen in partnership with 5D consulting.

As client facing, and 2IC to the Managing Director, I was accountable for all development work adhering to strict design guidelines; ensuring the final prototypes were user-tested with the final products meeting the requirements of all external stakeholders. My work on the UX later won SH2 the prestigious; Queensland Engineering Excellence Award for Sedgmen.

A video on the app can be found here: http://vimeo.com/45533037

My personal accountabilities included:

- Mobile & Tablet UX Design
- Internal Operational Improvement
- Presenting Work Persuasively to Clients
- Allocating Creative & Technical Resources
April 2012 - February 2013 Brisbane, Australia


Digital Producer

Roboticmonsters was a Transmedia company operating in Brisbane from 2010 – 2012.

I was accountable for the production of a seven-part documentary series for a major Cycling client. This involved; Managing human resources, sourcing appropriate equipment, booking travel arrangements and acting as client-side communication proxy. On-set; I managed data capture, talent coordination & later the post-production workflow with a Professional editing studio.

As a result the client was able to successfully raise $50,000 in sponsorship revenue and further investment from internal stakeholders.

My Personal accountabilities included:

- Talent & Resource management
- Content Direction & Production
- Managing Multiple Projects & Deadlines
- Online delivery of video content.
July 2010 - February 2012 Brisbane, Australia


Queensland University Of Technology

Bachelor of Communication Design

It's at QUT where I was pursuing a degree in Communication Design. It's at QUT where we learned to solve problems creatively.

It was also at QUT where I learned about Design's role in the world, and how, with a little design thinking, we can solve some of the greatest problems in human history.

I graduated with a wealth of knowledge across the creative mediums of; video, audio, design, art & typography, and a thirst to build something that mattered and made a difference to others.
February 2008 - November 2010 Brisbane, Australia


English (Native),


Queensland Engineering

Queensland Engineering Excellence Award


48 Hour Film Project

Best Director and Best Screenplay



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