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Michael Schmidt


Staten Island (subdivision), NY, USA
Work Experience
Staten Island (subdivision), NY, USA
Dec 2012
Advertising, Photography
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Aug 2012
Advertising, Photography
Staten Island (subdivision), NY, USA
Jun 2004
New York, NY, USA
Sep 2010Present
Bachelors of Fine Arts
Jefferson, NY, USA
Oct 2012
Avignon, France
Jun 2011Jul 2011
Photo Workshop France
Shanghai, China
Jun 2012Jul 2012
Photo Workshop China
Rincon, Puerto Rico
Apr 2012
Photo Workshop Puerto Rico
Advertising, Communications, Fine Arts, Keynote, Lightroom, Mac, Microsoft Word, Pages, Photography, Photojournalism, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Supervising, Windows
PDN Photo Annual Winner
1st Place "Portraits"
1st place Night photography
1st place "The human hand"
2nd Place Art of expression
Best of Photography Honorable Mention
Top 50 winner
National Geographic, Photo of the day. Feb 2010

Getty Images, Numerous Images

Best of college photography hardcover book, 2011

The Washington Post, April 9th 2011

Photographer's Forum Magazine, 2 page portfolio spread Fall 2011 Issue

New York Historical Society, Permanent collection June 2011

Best of Photography 2011, Hardcover Book, 2011

Popular Photography Magazine Best Photo June 2011

PDN Magazine, November issue 2011

One Life photography book, December 2011

Popular Photography, Photo of the day (8 occasions)

Kiernan, Street Stories catalogue book and online gallery, November 2011

SVA Study abroad in France, poster and web advertisements, Febuary 2012

The Visual Arts Journal, School of Visual Arts, March 2012

PDN Edu Magazine: emerging photographer, March 2012

7Mares Surf Magazine, March 2012

PDN Photo Annual 2012 Winner, Magazine, Online gallery May 2012

Blur Magazine - Issue 27. 2012

Exposure hard cover art book 2012 edition