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José Merla Laguna

Distrito Federal, Mexico
"An effective Design Direction melts the industry in an economic reality, considering the human factors, the production technology and the life cycle of the product to innovate and unify in a more sustainable way, the brand, the product, the packaging, the communication: electronic, printed and three-dimensional in order to create a new effervescent language that transmits itself into consumer communities"

Be realistic demand the impossible!

Merla Laguna

"Una efectiva dirección artística se fusiona con la realidad industrial integrando de forma económicamente viable, los factores humanos, tecnológicos y sostenibles para reinventar e unificar: la marca, el producto, el empaque, la comunicación electrónica, impresa y tridimensional en un lenguaje efervescente que se trasmite entre comunidades de consumo.”

Se realista y pide lo imposible!

Merla Laguna

Work Experience

Drop2drop – Design And Production Of High-end Furniture.

Co-founder and Design Director

Design and Production:
• Product and brand design of eco-friendly furniture (tables, chairs, beds, lamps, etc.) in bamboo material produced with CNC machinery.

Business development:
• Set-up of a star-up; finding investors; effectively worked and negotiated with providers, manufacturers and clients; business strategy development (including negotiation with distribution channels).
2014 - Present Mexico City, Mexico

Ioolot - Clothing Solutions For People With Dressing Difficulties.

Co-founder and Design Director

Design and Production:
• Market research; development and execution of a strategic plan for the identification of innovation opportunities in the elderly niche, based on local and global market needs/trends.
• Product design innovation: design a clothes collection for people with dressing difficulties (trousers, shirts, pants, underwear, etc.). Patent and Award: “EASY-GOING*” pants.
• Brand and Marketing (including e-commerce, POP, packaging, printed and digital communication).

Business development:
• Identification of investors and business partners; development of a business plan and built the company from bottom up.
• Employed 10 people including designers and interns; managed more than 15 external collaborators in photography, engineering, graphics, web coding, illustrators, sales force and marketing.
• Fund raising – obtaining a fund of 120 k USD from INADEM - Mexico Ministry of Economy.
• Crafted commercialization strategy rooted on deep understanding of local issues, competitive environment and opportunities.
• Promoted, negotiated and sale of the license for the production and commercialization, of the clothes collection designs, to the biggest telemarketing company in Latin-America (4.5% royalties of an estimated product sell 1 mill USD /month).

Awards- A'Design Award – Milan.
2012 - Present Mexico City, Mexico

Cycle Strategic Design - Consultancy-sustainable Firm Specialized In Product Life Cycle Design.

Co-founder and Design Director

• Proposal of a new design of the product based in its life cycle assessment, providing a higher value through its sustainable design.
• Research and design strategy, to create an innovative product, covering its packaging, branding and marketing.
In 2011 potential customers were not ready to invest in a life cycle analysis.
2011 - 2011 Mexico City, Mexico

Corradini Advisors – Business Consultants

Co-founder and Design Director - Italy & China

Product design:
• Innovation of product design (contemplating branding, packaging and marketing strategy).

Business development:
• With potential clients (4 Italian and 11 Chinese companies) development of possible scenarios of their companies when incorporating an innovation in their product design. The Italian companies were advised and supported to produce and sale in China. Chinese companies were not ready to understand and pay for owned innovative products.

Awards- “Packaging Award" to Olio d’Oliva (Italian client), at Canton Fair.
2006 - 2010 Venice, Italy

ATEC - Tutondo - HIFI Multi-room Sound Systems Company

Design Director

Design strategy
• Created and developed the design strategy of ATEC Tutondo – Italian company -. After the implementation of the design strategy the company increased its notoriety and its revenue (approx. 20%). The design strategy covered product design, brand and marketing.

Product design:
• Research and analysis of market trends and materials.
• Innovation and development in product design of a flagship family products: Sound speaker system “Oh by tutondo”, “OhL subwoofer lamp” and “Oli extruded aluminum sound system”.
• The product design involved a deep knowledge and experience of industrial processes that allowed the selection of adequate materials and suitable manufacture process for the company’s products.
• More than 1000 products were restyled that strengthen company’s brand.
• Coordination of new suppliers and external collaborators product development.

Brand & Marketing
• Renovation of the brand, packaging, company’s identity and marketing (printed and digital).
• Marketing material for international fairs obtained awards, even when it was carried out with a low budget and within a short period of development.
• Marketing materials were designed to satisfy needs of the company’s sales force.
• The design of the company’s catalogues involved the implementation of a new methodology that allowed an automatic up-date of the company’s catalogue with more 1000 products.

Awards- the sound speaker system “Oh by Tutondo” obtained: the Plus X Award - Dusseldorf-Germany, ; Top Design Award, Milano – Italy, remarked at 100% Design London-England; A’ Design Award, Milan – Italy.
Products where publicized in hundreds of international magazines and books.
2004 - 2010 Venice, Italy

Merla Laguna, Clientele

Product design, brand and marketing consultant

Consultancy in design strategy
Product design innovation, brand design and marketing strategy for the following clients:
• 4 design patents in eyeglasses – (Bergamin & Sas);
• Successful design strategy for an odontotechnical furniture factory which was followed by the competitors (Zilfor).
• Stained glass product design that increased 35%, the sales of the company compared to the precedent year (Giuletta Art Glass).
• Innovation in product and packaging of a shoes company positioned the NüSoul brand by Vidal, and obtained a recognition from the Mexican Innovation Group of the clothes national chamber (CANAIVE).

Mexico, 2007 – 2010, Vidal Calzado, NüSoul – Shoe’s factory since 1930.
Spain, 2008 –2009, Rebecca Sanver, TOBE – Shoe’s factory since 1960.
Italy, 2008 –2009, BAT – Sun awnings factory.
Italy, 2007 – 2008, Zilfor - Odontotechnical furniture factory.
Italy, 2007 –2008, Bergamin & Sas, Kingsight – Eyeglasses factory.
Italy, 2007, La Scala – Professional coffee machine factory.
Japan, 2005, Towa Creative – Design firm.
Germany, 2003, Allunorm – Office furniture factory.
England, 2002, Design Services and Research – Design firm.
Mexico, 1994 -1999, Giulietta Art Glass de México – Stained glass factory.
1994 - 2010 Venice, Italy


Politecnico Di Milano

Bachelor Specialization in Extreme Design

First thesis-project in collaboration:
“Everywhere Energy”

Politecnico di Milano - Facolta’ Del Design III
- Prof. Dott. Francesco Trabucco, INDACO
Milan, Italy

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial
- Dr. Julio C. Margáin y Compeán, Chief Operational e-México
Mexico City
2002 - 2005 Milan, Italy

Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design

Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial
Mexico City
1998 - 2002 Mexico City, Mexico


Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
Italian (Fluent),


Top Audio

Top Design


Plus X Award

Plus X Design Award


100% Design London

Remarked Design


Bienal Iberoamericana De Diseño

remarked 2012 - México


A'Design Award

A'Design Award - Silver - ioolot "Easy Going" pants


A'Design Award

A'Design Award- OhL Subwoofer Lamp



Design Direction, Branding, Industrial Design, Life Cycle Design, Marketing,

Teaching Experience

● Mexico City, Mexico - 2011 – 2012,
Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus St Fe,
Industrial Design & Employability ▪ Professor of the final degree course.

● Guadalajara, Mexico – 2010,
Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara,
From Emotional Design to Royalties ▪ Workshop professor & lecturer.

● Trieste, Italy – 2010,
Università degli Studi di Trieste,
Global Design ▪ Lecturer.

● Guadalajara, Mexico – 2009,
ITESO - Universidad Jesuita campus Guadalajara,
Emotional Design ▪ Lecturer

● Mexico City, Mexico - 2008 – 2009,
Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Ciudad de México,
The Multidisciplinary Design ▪ Lecturer

● Guangzhou, China – 2007,
SUN YAT SEN - Lignan University College,
Trends research to product proposition ▪ Workshop professor & lecturer.

● Guangzhou, China – 2007,
Italian Design Week - Italian Consulate in Guangzhou,
Made in Italy - Italian Design high value proposition ▪ Lecturer.