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Melania Brescia

Freelance Photographer

Malaga, Spain
(423) 827-5762
I use to work on numerous photographic projects for a variety of clients. I have been tasked with photographing fashion shoots, family portraits and personal events over the last four years.
Work Experience
Malaga, Spain
Freelance Photographer
Working with a variety of clients, my photographic roles include, location sourcing, style direction, lighting direction, photography as well as all post production work and image re-touching.
Sep 2007Jun 2009
Bachelor of Art's Degree
I spent three years studying at San Telmo School of Arts and Design. During my time here I learned skills in art history, illustration, sculpture, photography and installation art. I also gained invaluable skills in computer aided design and illustration, working with programs such as Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.
I also took extra curricular activities such as English and French language courses, Spanish history and literature and philosophy.
Malaga, Spain
Sep 2011Jun 2013
Superior Degree Artistic Photography
I am a Superior Technician in Artistic Photography. The core learnings of this course have involved the functions and use of DSLR camera
and its techniques.
Other skills learned include stenopeic photography, creating my own stenopeic camera, and developing the results in a dark room. Medium format cameras also with dark room film development and processing. Raw image retouching and post production using Adobe photoshop, bridge and lightroom. The skills have been applied in various photographic applications such as fashion, documentary, architecture and psychological portraits projects among others.
Other sections of the course have included photography history, volume, technical drawing, advertising theory, storyboarding, script writing, video shooting and editing, photography for print, postproduction and exhibition.
Spanish (Native), English (Fluent), French (Beginner)
Adobe Bridge CS5, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop CS4 5 And 6, Adobe Premiere CS5 And 6, Apple And PC, Camera Raw, Darkroom, Digital SLR, Excell, Film Photography, Medium Format Photography, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Studio Lighting