Max Emski

3D Hard Surface Artist

3D artist with a strong background in hard-surface 3D modeling and 7+ years of experience in the Video-Game and Entertainment Industry committed to providing high-quality 3D assets.

Work Experience


3D Hard Surface Artist

"I had an opportunity to work with Max and the collaboration was stellar. Max is a very responsible and accurate artist. He thinks what he is doing and is careful with the process so making checkpoints on critical stages of progress was always there with him. For me, as an art director, this is a very important value of an artist and professionalism in general. Other than that his quality of work proved to be high quality both technically and artistically. Looking forward to working with him in the future again."
Art Director/Lead 3D Artist at FOX3D

"I managed Max directly on a VR project at Nuare Studio. He has recommended himself as an extremely disciplined and creative technical artist. His knowledge of scripting and lighting in Unreal Engine as well as skills in Substance Painter were crucial to the vitality of our project. I highly recommend him for any unreal or VR related projects and hope we will get an opportunity to work with him more."

Kirill Chepizhko, 3D Producer at Nuare Studio |
• Profiled in 3D Artist Magazine (United Kingdom) - Issue 104
• Profiled in (Worldwide) - Building Robots With Maya
• Profiled in (Worldwide) - Creating a Realistic Helicopter Step by Step
• Profiled in InCG Magazine (Taiwan) - Issue 26
• Profiled in Machine Rendering 2: The Book of Iron. Amazon, 2018.
• "Sequel to the groundbreaking Machine Rendering, The Book of Iron showcases the latest and greatest work in mechanical rendering and design by some of the worlds leading artists in the field."
• CG Choice Award ( - The Golden Badge
• Featured Publisher at Autodesk Fusion 360

Key Skills:
• Hard Surface 3D Modeling/Texturing
• Assets creation for UE4
• Shader Creation for UE4
• PBR and Photo-realistic Lighting UE4

• Autodesk Maya, Fusion360, MOI, ZBrush
• Substance Painter, Substance Designer
• Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D
December 2018 -

Nuare Studio

Contract Lead Technical 3D/Lighting Artist

Unreal Engine 4 Real-Time Visualization.
- Shading/Surfaces/PBR
- Lighting
- Pipeline work
- Optimization
- VR Rendering
- 3D Modeling/Texturing
May 2018 - November 2018 Ontario, Canada

Nordic Visuals AS

Contract Lead 3D/Technical Artist

• Unreal Engine 4 Real-time Rendering, Light Baking, Web VR 360
• Lighting and Shading PBR in Unreal Engine 4
• Hard Surface 3D Modeling
• High Poly, Low Poly 3D modeling
• UVs, Baking, PBR Texturing (Substance Painter), Rendering
• CAD/NURBS Modeling, Subdivision modeling, Polygonal modeling

• Architectural Real-Time Visualization and Web VR for Norwegian and Swedish Real Estate Companies.
• AR Apps and game development for mobile
• 3D Product Visualization
October 2017 - April 2018 Oslo, Norway


3D Artist / VFX Technical and Lighting Artist

3D Modeling (Hard Surface: High Poly and Low Poly), Rendering (VRay, Cinema4D), Realtime Rendering and Lighting, Light Baking (Unity3D), UV Mapping, Normal Map Baking

Terminator Genisys: Future War
(for Skydance Productions LLC)
Throne: Kingdom at War
Vikings: War of Clans
Plarium is a mobile, social, and web-based game developer, known for Massively multiplayer online games. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel with additional offices in Israel, Russia, Ukraine, UK, and the United States. The company's social games are available on Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Mail.Ru, and its mobile games are available on iOS and Android devices.
March 2016 - August 2017 Russian Federation

Contract 3D Artist And Web Designer

Self-employed consultant working with a variety of clients

Hard surface 3D modeling
2.5D graphics
Motion graphics
January 2012 - February 2016 Russian Federation


Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

Master’s degree

September 1996 - June 2002 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Art School

Fine Art Diploma (4 years)

Fine and Studio Arts
Russian Federation


English (Conversational),
Russian (Native),


3d Hard Surface, 3dmodelng, Autodesk Maya, Cinematic, Fusion 360, Game, PBR, Realtime, Shading, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Texturing, Unreal Engine 4, Visualization, Vr,


Profiled in Machine Rendering 2: The Book of Iron. Amazon, 2018
Profiled in 3D Artist Magazine (United Kingdom) - Issue 104
Profiled in (Worldwide) - Building Robots With Maya
Profiled in InCG Magazine (Taiwan) - Issue 26