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Matjaz Krivic

Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 41 282 998
Sep 2010
Getty Images
Jan 2001Sep 2010
SIPA Image
Nov 2010
»Amazing Places« winner 2010 UK
Jun 2002
Photographer of the year »Overall Winer« 2002 UK
Jun 2003
»Landscape« winner 2003 UK
Nov 2003
»Judges Favorite Award« 2003 UK
Mar 2010
»Culture & Enterteinment« winner
Apr 2001
Photographer of the year 2001 »Overall Winner«
English (Fluent), French (Conversational), Croatian (Fluent)
Additional Information
MATJAZ KRIVIC is a globe-trotting photographer specializing in capturing the personality and grandeur of indigenous people and places.

For 20 years he has covered the face of the earth in his intense, personal and aesthetically moving style that has won him several prestigious awards.

He has made the road his home, and most of the time you can find him traveling with his camera somewhere between Sahara and Himalaya.

Matjaz Krivic was born on 12th January 1972. He first discovered the attractions of travelling at age 16 and has since then travelled the world with his camera. For twentytwo years he has portrayed poor parts of the world characterised by traditions, social unrest and religious devotion. His photographs sensitively reflect the images of the marginal word – the voices of the neglected. Because of the artist's directness and respect for individuals, the people photographed are spontaneous, natural and open. Their «soul» is captured and the viewer is encouraged to observe and think.
Since 2000 he has been working with French photographic agency “Sipa Press” and Norwegian agency “Concorde”, now he is a Getty Images Photograher, leading to the publishing of his pictures all around the world.