Marnix Bras

Internet Creative / Managing UX consultant

Amersfoort, Netherlands
I am a free lance interim UX Lead and a entrepreneurial Managing UX Design Consultant with international strategy, concept and design experience as online specialist, interaction-, service- and UX design- and teamlead.
I know how to lead the way of working on Service-, UX- and Visual Design.
Experienced in shaping user experience, based on quantitative and qualitative research. Creates vision and visualization of ideas based on user data. Guiding projects, creative processes and the realization of mobile and internet products like online funnels, self-service websites, apps and portals within complex organizations.
Gets the best out of online experiences with clients and colleagues. Connector between technology and design, driven to make complex online experiences simple. Experienced in introducing and optimizing Scrum for online teams in large scale organisations. Coaching with a passion to inspire people and share knowledge. Teaching Design Thinking and ideation.

As Interim UX Lead, I recently joined The Future Group as partner.
Recently I worked on behalf of the Tax Authorities, Idean (Capgemini invent), Ikea, Police, Centraal Beheer insurance, Judiciary and Zilveren Kruis health insurance to bring users' interests alligned with business wishes and technology and bring the user back in the design room.

Work Experience

The Future Group

Interim UX design lead

How you can raise UX awareness in your organization?

From April 2019 I am a free-lance Interim UX consultant and team lead; an entrepreneurial Managing UX Design Consultant with international strategy, concept and design experience as an online specialist, interaction, service and UX design lead.

I am experienced in shaping user experience, based on quantitative and qualitative research. I create vision and visualization of ideas based on user data. I manage projects, creative processes and the realization of mobile and internet products such as online funnels, service websites, apps and portals within complex organizations.
I enjoy getting the best out of online experiences with customers and colleagues and I am a link between technology and design, driven to make complex online experiences easy. Coaching with a passion to inspire people, inspire them and share knowledge. I teach Design Thinking and UX in master classes.

I recently joined as a partner of The Future Group and use my experience with tax authorities, Idean, Ikea, Police, Central Administration, Judiciary and Zilveren Kruis, among other things, to align user interests with business wishes and technology.
April 2019 - Present Zoetermeer, Netherlands


UX lead / CoE Excellence stream

Marnix leads the UX of the Capgemini service design label, launched in the Netherlands. Idan is a global service design agency based in a.o. Finland, Germany, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, India, China, US and Australia. It is about service design, design sprints, UX strategy, brand concepts and online excellence.
Marnix is member of the Steering team and UX lead for the CoE Excellence stream aligning the Way of Working internationally.
April 2016 - Present Netherlands


Managing UX design consultant

Mamnaging UX design consultant with focus on making complex online and mobile interactions easy. Experienced in User Centric Interface Design (UI), Usability (UX), Interaction Design (IxD) and Visual Design (VD). Senior team member in the Digital UX team of division DCX and the Design label Backelite
January 2015 - Present Netherlands


Internet creative / ZZP

Open for new assignments.

I'm good at making the most out of online experiences. Together with clients and colleagues, graphic designers, online marketers, web managers, concept managers, copywriters, web analysts, business analysts, backend / frontend coders and testers. As a senior interaction designer, online specialist and product owner, I create vision, visualize ideas and guiding the implementation of Internet products. Weapons of choice: Balsamique, Photoshop, Wordpress.
November 2001 - December 2016 Netherlands


Internet specialist - Interaction Designer - product owner - UX

As Product Owner I am Initiating, coordinating, and evaluating improvements and concepts for the service websites of Achmea Health insurances. Focus on initialising, prioritisation and coordination of Scrum ‘user stories’ and advice in online business development.

As Interaction Designer and design coordinator I am responsible for the long term vision of and and the steps of progress in that direction, using design techniques for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust. .

As Coordinator UX research I implement and evaluate qualitative and quantitative research on our websites with Multivariate and AB testing, focus groups, eye-tracking and webanalitycs.
May 2011 - December 2014 Netherlands

Agis Health Insurances

Internet specialist - Interaction Designer

Initiating, coordinating, designing an evaluating improvements and concepts for new and existing websites and online services. Focus on advice in online Business development and design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust.
February 2009 - May 2011 Amersfoort, Netherlands


Coordinator New Media

As coordinator new media I started and coordinated new opportunities to reach young people and raise awareness for hiv and aids. I am responsible for creating and implementing new strategies and concepts in websites, communities and email campaigns
March 2008 - February 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Web Power

Creative online marketing specialist

Creative consultant online marketing, Graphic design, webdesign, e-mail design, consultancy, concepting and creation of websites e-mail campaigns in online and email marketing - and
August 2004 - March 2008 Barneveld, Netherlands


Design, coding and customer relations

In a fast growing internet service company, responsible for relationships with clients and Graphical Design / DTP - - Wageningen
July 2003 - July 2004 Wageningen, Netherlands


Conceptual Architectonic Design assistant

Conceptual and Design assistant on crossdisciplinairy architectural design office in Amsterdam - - three dimensional design proposals and two-dimensional (digital) presentations
July 2001 - January 2002 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wola Nani

Voluntary work / Graduation

I did voluntary work for the research of my wife on HIV/AIDS in the Cape town township Khayelitsha in South Africa were we lived for a while, and gathered inspiration for my own thesis on Architecture in Townships.
April 2000 - March 2001 Khayelitsha, South Africa


Nielsen Norman

UX Certification - UX Management specialisation

April 2017 - April 2017 London, United Kingdom

Human Factors International

User Experience Analist

Design for the Big, User-Centric Innovation and Strategy
Human Factors International - Eric M. Schaffer
november 2010

Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET)
Human Factors International - Noah Schaffer
juni 2010

The PET Architect (Persuasion, Emotion and Trust)
HFI- Human Factors International
juni 2011

How to Support Institutionalization of a Mature UX Practice
HFI- Human Factors International
december 2012
November 2010 - December 2012 New York, New York, United States

ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten

Bachelor of Arts

Architectonische Vormgeving - Monumentaal (Architectural Design - Monumental) , later on OK5 - Beeldende Kunst en de Publieke Ruimte (Visual Art and the Public Space). An Architectonic academic art school with a hands-on mentality, where I learned to think in creative concepts, without boundaries.

I my classroom I was a pioneer in Digital Design techniques and presentation techniques. Specialized in visualizations of concepts. I was the first in my class (1999) with my own website, and the first who presented visualisations, morphs, and drawings in HTML
September 1996 - November 2001 Arnhem, Netherlands

Wageningen Agricultural University


n this university I learned to think beyond borders, be critical, found many friends etc. etc. The Food Science master degree was not for me, because I could not find the creativity I looked for. To much dry chemistry. After two years I quited, started several jobs, in the meanwhile attempting to write in to an Art School, which i attended in Arnhem from 1996 till 2001 (and got my degree there finally :-) )
September 1993 - August 1995 Wageningen, Netherlands


Dutch (Native),
English (Advanced),


Axure, Balsamique, CSS, Customer Journey, Design Thinking, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy, E-mail Design, HTML, Interaction Design, Online Marketing, Photoshop, Prototyping, Scrum, Service Design, Social Media, Usability, Usability Testing, User Experience, Ux Lead, UX Management, Web Design,

Projects for Idean, service design by Capgemini

Idean: (Apr 2016-Mar 2019): Member of the steering team and UX lead for the CoE Excellence stream aligning the Way of Working internationally.

Capgemini: (Jan 2017-Mar 2019 ): Counsellor of a team UX and service designers

Ministerie van Defensie
Service design lead
December 2018 - January 2019 (2 months)

Researcher and Service Designer
October 2018 - November 2018 (2 months)

Service Design research for social media tooling via Backelite | Service
design by Capgemini
August 2018 - November 2018 (4 months)

Ahold Delhaize
Senior UX Consultant
July 2018 - July 2018 (1 month)

Dutch Police: (Jul 2017-apr 2018): UX strategy and UX lead designer for operational apps for police officers.

MediQ (Mar 2016 - Okt 2017): Service Design and UX lead for project "DVN", the online service for the Dutch Diabetes society.

Medtronic Heerlen (Feb 2017-Mar 2017): UX workshops and optimisation in B2B webshop for medical supplies for hospitals

Raad voor de Rechtspraak (The Council for the Judiciary) Utrecht (Mar 2016-Mar 2017): Advisor UX optimalisation and web analyse

DG Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Government) The Hague (Sep 2016-Dec 2016) UX advice in Mendix project

Sodexo / KLM Schiphol (Jun-Sept 2016) Design sprints for redesign of clothing / uniform app

Centraal Beheer Achmea (Nov 2015-Mar 2016): Scrum master / UX design / Team lead online B2B of Dutch biggest Insurance direct writer.

Police Academy / University Twente (Jul-Sep 2015): Interface design where police students can train social skills in situations using artificial intelligence.

Senior User Experience Design Consultant - Akelius Residential Stockholm- May 2015 – June 2015

Senior User Experience Design Consultant - iBabs - March 2015 – April 2015

Project a Freelance Interim UX design Lead via The Future Group

UX Specialist (freelance)
April 2019 - Present

Interim lead UX Belasting CICT medewerkersoftware Inning (freelance)
January 2019 - June 2019 (6 months)