marco ambrosi

Senior Photographer and Photography Trainer

Verona, Italy
I strongly believe that a collaborative attitude will (probably) save this world and I do my best to help myself helping others. That's how I try to be an example for my sons and for my students.

Work Experience



January 1980 - Italy


photography trainer

March 2010 - Arles, France


photography trainer

January 2007 - Verona, Italy


cultural animator

January 2010 - Italy


Italian (Native),
French (Native),
English (Advanced),


Communication Strategy, Groups Coaching, Photography, Photography Training, Retouching, Set Design, Story-telling,

Photographer, cultural animator, photography trainer

Born in 1959 in Zaire, at the age of twenty I started working as a photographer of architecture, working for several magazines like Interni, Casa Vogue, Abitare, Modo, Harper’s Bazaar; I then explored other specialties, focusing for many years on still-life and surreal images. For a long time I've worked exclusively for advertising, cultivating various passions: literature, music, painting, film, graphics.
Among the first in Italy to be fascinated by the potential of digital graphics and photo editing, I tied my reputation above all to special effects and to the management of shooting / postproduction digital flow, in particular in the food sector.

From my own city I work for customers in the main italian economy centers, with the collaboration of partners in different fields - such as calligraphy, copy-writing, photography, music, food, public relations, graphic and industrial design, outsider-art.

Hyperactive investigator, I devote great efforts to research through projects that have earned me exhibitions and publications in Italy and many other countries.

I am a commercial photographer but also a cultural animator - as a member of the Association Officina delle Nuvole, for example – and a photography trainer.
I have taught photography at Kwara State University, Nigeria and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona; I collaborate with Préface, the french training company that promotes and coordinates all educational activities within the maximum security prison in Arles.
I've held several photographic story-telling workshops for university and high-school students; I’m collaborator of a projects held by the Verona Fine Arts Academy and the Health Services in Verona and Mantua, holding workshop for persons affected by psychiatric disturbances.
I actively collaborate with various FabLab, with the Verona Order of Architects and with UPA Formazione, the Craftsmen Union Education Agency.