Adam Hughes

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I’ve been working in Graphic Design, Branding, Video and Motion Graphics for the past twelve years. In that time I’ve provided art direction and execution for clients such as Banfield, McMillan, Affinity Productions, TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, Volunteer Canada, The Westin, University of Ottawa and Canada Post. With agencies, I've worked on brands including Iridium, Panasonic, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Honeywell, Siemens, The Canadian War Museum and The Canadian Museum of Civilization.

While I do work with corporate clients and agencies, I also enjoy working with small businesses and the arts community. I’m just as comfortable in a boardroom as I am meeting at the pub. Whatever the creative endeavor may be, I’m certain that I can help with a solution.

Work Experience

Mad Anvil Design

Art Director

When operating independently, I‘m responsible for all aspects of the process. Client relations, budgeting, invoicing, concept pitching, talent outsourcing. From initial contact to final delivery.
January 2002 - Ontario, Canada

TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

Art Director/ Graphic Designer

TD Ottawa Jazz Festival has been going for 37 years. During my time there, I branded each year‘s festival, created posters for headlining artists, and composed motion graphics videos.
February 2012 - August 2015 Ontario, Canada


Interactive Designer

When Flash was a ubiquitous presence on the internet, I did everything from banner ads, to micro-sites, and presentations. Then the iPhone came around, and we all know how that went.
April 2006 - July 2010 Ontario, Canada