Lucy Ricketts

Lucy Ricketts Illustration

Atlanta, GA, USA
My illustration uses simple shapes, limited color palette, and a variety of texture to communicate with audiences. My encyclopedic memory and penchant for categorization are two of the main organizational influences on my work. I like to fit together both shapes and ideas like puzzle pieces, flat out, in order to make connections that I may have previously failed to recognize. Limiting the complexity of the composition allows me to develop cerebral concepts, while still relaying a clear message to my audience.
My stylistic influences range from mid century modern illustration to Scandinavian design and Chinese brushwork—genre that rely on a simplification of form and unique textures. These elements link all of my work, despite differences in subject matter and media. My work employs color as a means of enhancing the existing composition, but I develop the structure of the piece with textured line work and tonal rendering. While my work covers a multitude of subject matter, I am most inspired by faces, junk food, animals, Tiki culture, and monsters.

Work Experience

Lucy Ricketts Illustration

Freelance Illustrator

January 2009 - Present Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Savannah College Of Art And Design (SCAD)


Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Embroidery, Graphite, India Ink, Photoshop, Needlepoint, Silk Screen Printing,