Erica Miller | "Loonatic"


Sugar Land, TX, USA
Hello! My name is Erica, but I go by "Loonatic" online.

I have been involved with game development since 2014, and started off with a community from the closed Disney Virtual World, Disney's Toontown Online. I have worked with dozens of projects and teams to create new assets and features for community-based Toontown projects.

If you are interested in seeing my public work from my previous projects, please go to (

Work Experience

Toontown: Corporate Clash

Creative Lead, Creative Manager, Art Director, Texture Artist, Technical Artist, Game Designer, Game Developer

Corporate Clash is a community-run server for the now-defunct MMO, Disney’s Toontown Online. At any given time, the game has a few hundred users online, with an active user count of around 1,000. Updates are planned out and deployed on a monthly basis, with a rigorous development cycle.

My responsibilities include creating in-game assets, ranging from textures to UI. I am tasked with creating game-ready work using industry-grade software such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, and several other 3rd-party softwares.
May 2019 - Texas, United States

Dulles Robotics

Graphic Designer, System Administrator

~ Set up the Dulles Robotics web server on a Raspberry Pi
~ Established a group of enthusiastic members within the Robotics team to pursue the responsibilities of website and server maintenance.
~ Successfully taught the fundamentals of Linux and system administration to ensure that the students were capable of applying solutions when they were assigned individual tasks.

Alongside being the primary system administrator, I accepted responsibility of completing the major graphic design work that was required in Robotics.

My design responsibilities included:
~ Assigning members on important tasks and enforcing deadlines (if given any)
~ Organizing groups and boards on various platforms (such as Discord, Trello, Google Drive) in order to manage the team most effectively.
~ Working on major graphics, both independently and in collaboration with other teammates.
~ Giving and receiving constructive criticism.

If you would like to see my public graphic design work, including collaborations I've done with other members, you can find it in the "School" section of my Behance portfolio.
January 2019 - January 2020 Texas, United States

Toontown Offline

Creative Director, Texture Artist

Toontown Offline is a community-run singleplayer game for the now-defunct MMO, Disney’s Toontown Online. The game is focused on providing a unique singleplayer and co-op experience to the Toontown fanbase. Updates small and large are frequently worked on, but not under a strict release window.

My responsibilities include creating in-game assets, ranging from textures to UI. I am tasked with creating game-ready work using industry-grade software such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, and several other 3rd-party software. I have worked on and off the project on a regular basis since 2016.
August 2016 - May 2021 United States


Dulles High School

Class of 2021

School-Related Clubs and Organizations
I have been a enthusiastic member of the Dulles Computer Science club for over three years. In my junior year, I was elected to serve as the Vice President of the club. Serving as Vice President of my school's computer science club, I contributed many hours into writing administrative club documentation and organizing majority of the communication structure, ensuring reliability with our club members.

Since my sophomore year at Dulles, I've contributed over hundreds of hours into our schools' robotics club. Being a dedicated system administrator and lead graphical designer of the club, I've planned out and designed many of the current graphics that the club proudly exhibits.

School-Related Courses and Exams
I was a flutist for the Dulles High School marching band my freshman year.

I received a 3 on the Computer Science AP exam.

In my sophomore year, I took a graphic design course at my school and received a score of 922/1000 on the Adobe Certified Associate (Photoshop) Exam.
August 2017 - June 2021 Texas, United States

James Reese Career And Technical Education Center

This is my second year at Reese taking the networking course. I am currently studying to acquire the CompTIA Network+ certification.

I also partake in the CTE Student Ambassador program, in which I help assist the CTE director(s) of Fort Bend ISD on numerous activities and occasions.
August 2019 - June 2021 Texas, United States

University Of Houston

Computer Information Systems


English (Native),


National Center For Women In Information Technology

NCWIT Inspiration Award: National Honorable Mention


Fort Bend ISD

Fort Bend ISD Academic Excellence Award


National Center For Women Information Technology

NCWIT Inspiration Award: Regional Affiliate Winner



Adobe Photoshop, Computer Maintenance, Git/GitHub, Java, Linux, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Paint Tool SAI, Panda3D, Sony Vegas Pro, System Administration,


Adobe Certified Associate (Photoshop) [Obtained in Spring 2018]
CompTIA A+ Certification [Obtained in November 2020]
CompTIA Network+ Certification [Obtained in May 2021]
CompTIA Security+ Certification [Obtained in June 2023]


Some of my common hobbies include:
- Building, troubleshooting, repairing computers
- Cybersecurity
- Digital art
- Game design
- Networking (both computer and people-related)
- Playing video games
- Studying
- Teaching/tutoring