Leonardo Flores

Barcelona, Spain

Work Experience

Bujos Producciones (animation Studio)

Art Director

As an Art Director for cartoon animation, I worked in the areas of character design, concept art and artistic supervision for TV commercials and cinema. Some clients: Nesquick, Bank of Boston, Venissima, Diario Clarín, "Los Pintin" TV animated series", Los Pintin al Rescate" feature film.
1995 - 1999 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leo Flores, Illustrator

Freelance illustrator

2000 - Barcelona, Spain

Estrella Perro, Concept Art

Art Director, Illustrator

"Estrella Perro" is a concept art studio. As "Estrella Perro", I worked for several magazines, books and films. Some clients: SÀPIENS magazine / SUMA DE LETRAS editorial / THE ORFANAGE, film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona / THE IMPOSSIBLE, film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona
2000 - Barcelona, Spain


Fundación De Altos Estudios En Ciencias Comerciales

Technician in Advertising

1992 - 1994 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Art Direction

1993 - 1996 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Spanish (Native),
English (Conversational),


Fast, Innovative,