Marin le Maignan

Designer, Developer & Unusual Jobs Holder

Paris, France
My name is Marin le Maignan, I'm a 26 years old UI Designer & Developer from Paris, France. Now working at
Nice to meet you.

I’m also a passionate musician, I started classical guitar at the age of seven, and never quitted. I find interesting the relationship between Music, Graphic Design and Development, where we both ‘have’ to express abstract concepts, ideas, or feelings, in such an abstract way. It’s just as simple as this. But let’s do it, it ain’t so easy. And that‘s what makes me going forward in this way which is endlessly motivating.

You could also find me and my personal work there:

Work Experience

Back End Developer

Maintain, improve and create new features for
Front and Back ends.
Ruby, Javascript, Go, Jenkins, Capistrano, Git, Agile, TDD..
April 2015 - Present Paris, France

Serious Fox

Back End (Ruby) Developer

We help others build digitally-driven businesses while designing, developing and deploying our own products. My role within Serious Fox involved:
- APIs for all kinds of apps and platforms
- Developing and maintaining databases, PostGres, MySql. - Cloud based technologies, AWS, StripeJS..
- Deployment, particularly with Heroku or Capistrano.
- Javascript: DOM Api, jQuery.
- Knowledge of Ember and AngularJS.
- PreProcessors, Scss, CoffeeScript, Haml..
- Agile, TDD, Git, Pair Programming, Hack Days..
- UI and UX design, occasionally.
July 2013 - March 2015 United Kingdom

UI Centric

UI/UX Designer

User Interface design for Epicurious' Windows 8 tablet app. As well as desktop interface for British Telecom Wholesale website,, etc..
July 2012 - October 2012 United Kingdom


Art Director - Designer

Building brands and their communications; i worked for China Unicom, third Chinese telecom company, a big name. And plenty of work for start-ups and small businesses.
May 2012 - July 2012 United Kingdom

Provins Tourister Website

Art Director, Designer, Web

I created the user interface, information architecture, as well as the visual identity for this small-scaled touristic website promoting the french city of Provins. And worked in team with a developer to ensure the best delivery possible.
The website is now closed...
January 2012 United Kingdom

Cargo London

Light Engineer

Looking after lights, smoke machines, and lights machines. Also setting rythms and patterns while the music is going on, trying to fit the dj's music. I've loved it.
November 2011 - London, United Kingdom


AD internship

B2B communication and art direction for several diffenrent brand, from insurance to optics by cars..
July 2010 - October 2010 Paris, France

Kill The Dj Records

AD internship

Worked with Adam Love: a lot on illustration, and communication for Technopol, which organizes Technoparade in Paris.
March 2010 - July 2010 Paris, France

Farm In Normandy

Kind Of Lumberjarck

I've been cutting and putting in order tons of wood from a gigantic old warehouse that was going to be demolished, to an other. We've been using works machines, chainsaws, and a lot of tools. It was very physical and dangerous, because the warehouse was going to fall if we touched it the the machine, of if the wood moved too quickly...
May 2009 - June 2009 France

Farm In Normandy

Tractor Driver

Been driving tractors to remove potatoes from fields. The bringing them back to the farm, and so on... Hard job it was.
August 2008 - September 2008 France


Glassworker (Toughener)

I was putting just made glass in an oven at about 650°c then getting them out to immediately put them under cold water. It's the process that makes car's glasses not breaking in big dangerous pieces of glass, but in little un sharp balls that are less dangerous. And they are oftenly stuck under a layer of plastic stuck on it. That's it...
March 2008 - July 2008 France


Producer / Dj

Been playing classical guitar for ages, since i'm seven I think.
And I'm still doing it today, but as the time had gone, i've been interested in so many different kinds of music, but trying not to forget the others. Which means I want to be playing as much different things as possible. So for 4 years now i'm producing electronic music.
Djing techno, detroit deep, minimal, garage rock, indy pop, rap...
Whatever as long as it's good enough to be listened.
Also, i'm, and been, playing in different bands, of a more classical, guitar, bass, drums, set up.
December 1989 - France


London Metropolitan University

BA Hons Graphic Design

September 2011 - June 2013 United Kingdom

L'École Multimedia

BTS Graphiste Multimédia (niv III)

Three years of studies. Where i've learnt so many things that I could not really tell you what.
I now know using most of the Adobe Creative Suite, have understanding of 3d Software, Animation, Flash code, Html, Css, Javascript... As well as i've been learning quite more classical drawing, painting, with a great approach to illustration, and 'handmade' visuals.
Believe me or not, that school is really good.
I've been graduating in late June 2011 a degree which is about to be translated in a Bachelor.
September 2008 - June 2011 France


English (Fluent),
French (Native),
Spanish (Advanced),


3d, Actionscript, Aftereffect, Cinema4d, Could Try Anything, CSS, Drawing, Dreamweaver, Flash, Go, HTML, Illustration, Illustrator, Indesign, JavaScript, Muse, Painting, Photoshop, Ruby, Swift,