Laura Lopez

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Work Experience


Graphic Designer

Its a photo studio/ print and digital design. We take care of social events (weddings, birthdays, parties, etc) covering the photography part and in the design department i am in , we make invitations, cards and photo frames. Been able to work with experience photographer gets me really passionate about my work, we are a team, making photos for any social events, my part here most of the time is design the photo frames, photo books/photo albums or anything that the client require for the event. I also do my part in the logo design, ID for the companies, banners, publicity and recently taking photos. Part of costumer care lately, getting more responsibilities every time, plus its important for a designer to speak directly with clients.
December 2013 - Present Maracaibo, Venezuela

Dual Design

graphic designer department

Work as a graphic designer with the art director of the departmen in the publucity agency, we develop many project as a team with the client to achive all the golds
September 2011 - April 2012 Maracaibo, Venezuela

EZ Studio

Photographer Assistent

Any Photography project, im there to help the photographer with the ilumination, make up. scenario, working as an art director in many times. If they are digitals photograph i edit the photographies with the adobe programs and work as a team.
Present Venezuela


Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Maracaibo, Venezuela


Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
Mandarin (Beginner),


Acuarella Paint, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustratot, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Can Sew, Can Work Under Pression, Draw, Oleo Paint, Paint, Photographer, Seamless Studio Program, Work As A Team Too,