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Laura Mpagi

Sydney, Australia
At the moment I'm woking in post production but I have been looking to get back into production work, particularly directing and producing.

I'm looking to utilise all of my skills again as I have been mainly working with editing the past few years. Would love to team up with people who are as passionate as me about creating something creative, innovative and versatile
Sydney, Australia
Nov 2008
Linear program compile editor.
Sydney, Australia
Dec 2011
Freelance Editor
Freelance Final Cut Pro Editor for the music channels.
Sydney, Australia
May 2011May 2012
Freelance editor
Freelance Final Cut Pro editor
Sydney, Australia
Nov 2010May 2011
Zar Productions
Freelance Editor
Freelance Final Cut Pro editor
Sydney, Australia
Feb 2010May
Behind the scenes Producer
One of four producers that produced the behind the scenes documentary for a six week film and television course run by Foxtel and the Salvation Army’s Oasis Centre.
Sydney, Australia
Apr 2007May 2007
Red Rhino Films
2nd AD/Production Assistant
2nd AD and production assistant on a promo for Red Rhino Films.
Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 2003Oct 2003
Dolly Pictures
Costume Assistant
Worked as a costume assistant on the Swedish short film "Som en tjuv om natten" for Dolly Pictures.
Stockholm, Sweden
Aug 2003Sep 2003
Agadir Film Produktion AB
Makeup/Costume Assistant
Worked as a costume and makeup assistant on the Swedish future film "Kyrkogårdsön" for Agadir Filmproduktion
Stockholm, Sweden
May 2003Jun 2003
Leksell Media
Production Assistant/runner
Worked as a production assistant and runner on the short film "Maskrosbarn" for Daniel Leksell.
Sydney, Australia
Feb 2006Apr 2007
Masters in Film and Digital Image
Produced two short films.
Sydney, Australia
Feb 2004Dec 2005
Advanced Diploma in Digital Film and Television Production
Made a music video, news stories, short films. Worked on numerous studio based projects Nominated for an award for best documentary.
Skövde, Sweden
Jul 2000Jan 2003
Certificates in Narrative Techniques, Media Project Stills, Design and Layout Advanced level, 3D in Multimedia and Video and Creative writing
Member of the board and sound technician on the student radio, Radio Qult. I was head of advertising sales and I was a sound technician. Member of the Student Television Station and Photography Club.
Stockholm, Sweden
Aug 1997Jun 2000
High school diploma - Media
Produced and directed weekly radio show that went to air on the local radio station. Produced an educational video for the local youth centre. Was part of a production team that produced monthly TV show that went to air on the local TV station. Was part of a team that made a 45min short film. Won an award for best sound engineering student.
English (Native), Swedish (Native)
Freelance projects
I'm a fast learner, hardworking and I'm not afraid to take my own initiative.
When in a stressful situation I'm able to be fast on my feet to achieve get the work done.
I have great service and people skills.

I feel just as home in a PC environment as in a Mac environment and I can work with a vast array of programs like final cut pro, premiere pro, media 100, dvd studio pro, After Effects, soundtrack and photoshop.
Drown (Feature Film) - Casting Assistant
Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012 - Promo Editor
Channel [V] Youth take over [V] - Editor
Channel [V] Pure Blonde Dome - Editor
Hyuandai Veloster Channel [V] Commercial - Director’s Assistant
Dear Life - Producers Assistant
Together for Humanity - Co-producer/Editor
Behind the scenes with Pluto Jonze - Producer/Director/Editor
2ser Bob Dylan night - Editor
The Thing about Us - Producer/Director/Editor
The Thought of You and Me - Producer/Director/Editor
Zombie Love - D.O.P
Innocence - Producer
Smooth Grooves - Producer/Director/Editor
J-Tunes and the Suits (music video) - D.O.P/Editor
Rådaren - Producer/Director/Editor
Ungdomsmottagningen - Producer/Director
Vans warped tour 98’ - Producer/D.O.P/Editor
Skipper (radio show) - Producer/sound technician