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Mario Kober

Owner, Freelancer

Stuttgart, Germany
+49 177 711 57 83
Stuttgart, Germany
Jul 2001
Owner, Web Developer
Bureau for webdesign, contentmanagement and corporate design.
Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 2010
Freelancing Web Developer
Working together with the guys from LSDK in an office collective. Together we are realizing nice projects but we also work on some things for ourselves.
English (Conversational), German (Native)
CMS, CSS, CSS2, CSS3, Coda, Coda2, Consulting, Cross Browser, Ecommerce, HTML, HTML5, Ie Hacking, Illustrator, JavaScript, Jquery, Media Queries, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Optimisation, Online Shops, Oxid, PHP, Photoshop, SEM, SEO, Smartphone Website Optimisation, Tablet Optimisation, Typo3, Typoscript, Usability, Web Apps, Webshops