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Kickatomic is a Malaysian graphic lab fully run by:

Jaemy Choong:
Tsu Ann:

We specialise in constructing (and deconstructing) visual designs for TV shows, logos, prints, corporate identities, videos and all that is experimentatively do-able.

  • Art Director / Producer
    8TV, Metropolitan Sdn Bhd — Malaysia
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Hire us for the mere fact that we are externally crazyfun but internally superserious when it comes to getting shit done. We are young (kinda), willing (please don't bend us over) and learning (our sponge is thirsty) and we believe in giving our best to our projects. Yes we do.
- Long walks on the post-apocalyptic beach.
- Flying through the clouds of a nuclear mushroom explosion.
- Accessorising gas masks.
- We would like to see a Pink zombie unicorn come to play on TV one day.
- A nice concept
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