Ekaterina Ershova

Creative designer

Moscow, Russian Federation
Hi, my name is Kate! I am a creator, a designer and totally an art person. Finished an Art School in Arts & Crafts Class. Studied Product Design in Russia and in UK. Worked as a propmaker and decorator. Returned back to Russian and oppened my own design studio. For the last few years I'm mostly working as a graphic designer especially preferring layout design and corporate styles, though doing some interior design projects from time to time. Doing that I have a rather broad experience working with various design tasks and with different teams and companies. I am always open to new opportunities and challenges. If you have a project that may interest me, just drop me a line ;)

Work Experience

DOT Studio

Owner, Head Designer

I started this studio after leaving the previous business. I am designing myself and supervising 3 other professional graphic designers. Our studio mainly works with corporate clients in terms of graphic design, branding, corporate styles and souvenirs. We also started doing interior design for our clients. Projects vary from large office spaces to private houses. Our big clients include: Sberbank (main bank), Sberbank Corporate University, Panda Park (leasure), Eurofins Agro (farming consulting), Quest Club (live quests), Family Doctor Clinic, United Nations. We work with private clients and companies. I tried to combine my experience from all the previous jobs into one perfectly functioning studio in one place. What I consider one of the top achievements of the studio is that most of our clients returning back to us with their new projects.
February 2016 - Present

Made In Cardboardia

Architect-designer (Head master)

Being a Head Master in the workshop I was developing custom projects for the clients as well as own projects of the workshop for events and festivals. Curated building of the projects and work of other masters, created and managed time scheduling and building plans, administrated the workshop, kept project’s paperwork, kept an eye on the level of necessary supplies in the workshop, participated in building the objects created by me as well as created by other masters, took part in various performances of Cardboardia during the festivals, curated master-classes (workshops) and team-buildings of the visitors and the clients. During this work I developed high organisational skills for myself and for the team, learned multistaking.
- Hand drawings and sketching of decorations and art objects for various events, theatre performances, parades, design and construction of exhibition projects in Russia, Europe and Asia.
- Project development, 3D visualisations and renders, photo-manipulating.
- Construction and space planning.
- Creating technical drawings for project production and further construction, making instructions for reusable objects.
- Building developed objects in the workshop, assembling objects at the events.
- Consulting other masters during production process.
- Organising production process of developed objects with the team.
May 2014 - December 2014 Moscow, Russian Federation


Designer / Creative Director / Executive Director

Opened this design studio and full cycle workshop together with 2 of my friends from university (BHSAD). The studio was mainly designing and producing various signs, souvenirs, merch, shopping windows’ decorations, home decor made with laser cutting. My duties included curating projects from start to finish (from development to production), operating laser cutting machine, post-production of the objects (sanding, painting, printing, varnishing, packing, quality checking, etc.), administrating company’s paperwork, keeping the workshop tidy, keeping instruments and supplies levels. During my time in this position I worked with companies like: Interfax (top news agency), LavkaLavka (farmers’ market), Mark&Leo (farmers’ market), RFI Bank (bank), The Urban Taste (street food trucks), Piggy stones (unique jewelry), Moleskine (notebooks), Architektus (wooden meccano for kids), Maksi (HR agency), Wake4You (wakeboarding school) , Anderson (popular cafe branch), The Booth (events photo booth service), Claustrophobia (live quests), Love (charity project), Bumaga Bar (restaurant and bar) and many others. I learned how to operate laser cutting machine, how to design and develop various related products from sketch to production.
December 2014 - January 2016 Moscow, Russian Federation

Leo Gets

Product Designer

My duties included curating the projects from first ideas and sketches to the production. During my work in this company, I worked on projects for such companies as: Lipton, Dilmah, Avon, Oriflame, Danone, Fairy, Pepsico, Amway, Nestle, NeoFarm and others. For these companies me and people I supervised were doing various jobs connected to souvenirs production. For example, sketching, 3d modeling and rendering, creating multiple presentations, building mockups, generating new ideas and concepts, managing production models, etc. I also took active participation in developing own Product Design Department of the company and developed the first such project in designing and producing kitchen utensils for iCook brand of Amway company.
Reasons for leaving: health issues. I injured my leg during weekend and spent a month in cast, so had to work from home as I wasn't able to move. After a month of working in such conditions I realised that it's not convenient for both me and the company and decided to leave.
January 2014 - May 2014 Moscow, Russian Federation

Hothouse IWG


Work experience program (5 weeks). During my time in Hothouse IWG I worked on currently running projects under the supervision of Paddy O’Hara. Sometimes there were single tasks, other times we worked in a team. In 5 weeks I managed to participate in several projects with strict scheduling, such as: building a Victorian stylized knitting machine for Budweiser’s Christmas ads, creating and producing a series of costumes and decorations for Christmas Special episode of X-Factor UK (Leona Lewis), building a chocolate fountain for Baileys, building a scale model of the Earth and cut of volcano for National History Museum in London, decorations for Coca-Cola’s advertising about recycling packaging, building giant bird’s nest and eggs for a music video, building replicas for a few real life objects, repairing some old company’s props. My duties were to deliver tasks on time, keep the workshop clean and tidy, work fast and responsible, help the workshop supervisors when needed. Left after the end of work experience program as well as end of student visa in UK. During this time I learned a lot of hard skills, how to operate different machines and instruments.
November 2013 - December 2013 London, United Kingdom

Monitor Audio

Product Designer (intern)

Live project during studies. Collaboration project with Monitor Audio Ltd. During final year studies in University of Hertfordshire. By a group of marketing and engineers people of the company we were given a brief for designing a portable speaker in style and price range of Monitor Audio (premium sector). We were expected to do the marketing and technical research, analyse the info received, search for a niche widening the product range of the company prior to designing the product. The outcomes of the project were: developing and designing portable speakers, creating presentation of the product, developing and producing the model of speakers and presenting the whole concept in the office of Monitor Audio. From the University side the project was curated by our tutor Julian Lindley. Major achievements: experience working with foreign people, communicating and developing a shared project.
November 2012 - February 2013 London, United Kingdom


Product Designer (intern)

This was a 3 weeks project for my summer internship. Working in a group of 3 people we were supposed to design and produce the best attraction point to the Kolobook company’s stand at children book fair festival Boo!fest. My duties included curating the project, taking key actions, designing the object, choosing materials and technics for building it, conceptualizing and producing the outcome with the team. We created a story about a cat, who choked with clouds and needs help. So kids at the festival could jump on it helping the bubbles out. Most of the time we spent creating the mechanism that will change bubble machine to make bubbles only when someone is jumping on the cat-trampoline instead of all the time (like it’s supposed to). The structure is covered with soft foam and fabric for safety reasons and decoration purposes. Finally, the cat-trampoline was a very successful project. It was mentioned in several newspapers during festival and kept working for another 2 years in various Moscow parks and fairs.
August 2012 - September 2012 Moscow, Russian Federation

BHSAD Design Management Course

Product designer visualizer (intern)

Sketching and fast ideas visualisations of concepts and ideas presented by the teams of Design Management Course in British Higher School of Art & Design during the live project with PEGAS Touristic company (one of the Russian leading tourist companies), participating in presentation of ideas. Major achievements: fast swapping between working with different groups at the same time.
November 2011 - November 2011 Moscow, Russian Federation

Harvest Greenfield Project

Facilitator (intern)

12-13 March 2011 Internship (2 days). Volunteer facilitation during Maria Stashenko's workshops «Start up? Start from design» during Harvest Greenfield Project (Working Weekends Harvest). My duties included curating groups of participants of the workshop (number of people in a group varied from 5 to 10 people), organizing group work, giving various advice to participants, providing any necessary help to curator and participants during the workshop, regulating groups' workflow process, reporting to curator about development process of start-ups in the groups. Major achievements: fast swapping between working with different groups at the same time.
March 2011 - March 2011 Moscow, Russian Federation


Cardboard master

Basically, this is the continuation of my work with Cardboardia (stated previously) with the only change that it became part-time. So, my responsibilities were pretty similar as before: creating and managing projects, building the cardboard decorations, curating other masters (up to 8 people), participating in performances, master-classes, workshops and team-buildings during events. During my work in Cardboardia I widely developed communication skills, fast reaction, problem solving an networking.
January 2015 - December 2017


University Of Hertfordshire

Bachelor of Arts

My courses included Modelmaking, Design Thinking, Creative & Cultural Studies, Design Strategy, Prototyping, Product Development, Market Research, Market Analysis, Design Management, Sketching, Concept Development, Rapid Prototyping, User Experience, Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Strategic Design, Layout Design, Propmaking.
September 2012 - June 2013 United Kingdom

British Higher School Of Art & Design (BHSAD)

Diploma of Higher Education

My courses included Modelmaking, Design Thinking, Creative & Cultural Studies, Design Strategy, Prototyping, Product Development, Market Research, Market Analysis, Design Management, Sketching, Concept Development, Rapid Prototyping, User Experience, Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Strategic Design, Layout Design, Propmaking.
September 2009 - June 2012 Moscow, Russian Federation


Russian (Native),
English (Fluent),
Spanish (Beginner),


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3d Max, Concept Design, Design Management, Design Thinking, Illustrator, Indesign, Keyshot, Market Analysis, Market Research, Painting, Photoshop, Prototyping, Research, Rhino 3d, Sketching, Teamwork, VRay,